The Third Rem Thoughts RSA President Roy Marcot 2015

Greetings RSA members,

To All RSA Members,

There are several recent happenings in the or- ganization that I want you to be aware of. Not the least of which is that RSA has commissioned the process
of scanning every one of the past Journals since 1991! David Fagan took a leadership roll in this endeavor, which preserves twenty-four years of tireless research done by hundreds of Remington historians. Your RSA Board will soon determine exactly how we will use such an important tool, and this decision will be put out to our membership in an RSA BLAST over the Internet, as well as being published in this Journal.

Secondly, I am pleased to announce that a com- plete listing of the titles and authors of all entries in all past Journals is available to you for the asking, in either MS Word or WordPerfect format over the Internet. Contact me at for your copy.

And lastly, Remington Arms Company (now Remington Outdoors) has asked RSA’s help in planning for next year’s Bi-Centennial Celebration. But more on this in the next issue.



The Remington Historical Foundation
     We are pleased to announce the establishment of THE REMINGTON HISTORICAL FOUNDATION, Inc.
This is the fulfillment of a dream of mine in our quest to pre- serve the history of “all things Remington.”
The Foundation is totally independent of the Remington Society of America, although there may be an interface in the future. The principal leaders of the Foundation are David Fagan, Dan Pozarek, Corey Creamer and myself, Roy Marcot. The stated purpose of the new entity is:
The Foundation is organized exclusively for historical, educational and charitable purposes, specifically to collect materials related to the history of Remington Arms Company, Inc., its predecessor companies, and related companies . The Foundation will make this information available to the general public in publications, historical exhibits, and over the Internet, and to offer sponsorship grants to historic societies, museums, and other similar institutions approved by the Board of Directors, to make monetary donations to suitable charitable entities approved by the Directors, and to lend support to approved associations in the establishment of historical and educational exhibits open to the public. The Foundation will periodically raise funds required to maintain the Remington Historical Archives.

The Foundation has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) “tax exempt” organization. This means that the Foundation can accept contributions of historically related materials and the donor can take a bonafide tax write-off for the value of such materials.

The foundation was established to provide an educational entity to gather and share information (data and images) about the history of Remington firearms, ammunition and other products. This includes, but is not limited to information about the following entities:

  • E. Remington & Sons (1816 to March 14, 1888)
  • Remington Arms Company(March 14, 1888 to March 16, 1911)
  • Remington Arms & Ammunition Company (March 16, 1911 to January 14, 1916)
  • Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Company (January 14, 1916 to May 24, 1920)
  • Remington Arms Company, Inc. (May 24, 1920 to present)
  • The Union Metallic Cartridge & Cap Company (1867)
  • The Union Metallic Cartridge Company (1867 to March 16, 1911)

Since the Foundation was established in December 2014 several important donations have been received, including:

  • 7 binders of original Remington Sales brochures (1913 to 1941) – donated by the Estate of Jack Heath
  • many dozens of original UMC and Rem-UMC factory drawings of the Bridgeport Ammo Plant (1890 to 1940) donated by RSA Member Gary Haduk
  • monetary contribution by RSA’s Founding President Fritz Baehr
  • several historical Remington documents and photo- graphs by RSA Member Art Wheaton
  • More on this new entity in future issues of the Rem- ington Collector’s Journal.


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