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Remington Questions

Remington Firearms Questions
All technical or Remington product questions
should be addressed to:
REMSHOTS c/o Mike Alsop
6355 Pine Stake Road Culpeper VA 22701
or email: RemShots
As well as RSA encourages registration on the Forum where many RSA members and other Remington forum members will have access to your questions.

Quick Answers

For questions about firearm MANUFACTURED DATES those made after 1921 can be identified on this page including a blow-up image of the barrel code location diagram and some factory records. Page dedicated to information on the PEDERSON DEVICE
Page dedicated to information on the CANE GUNS

Please when trying to identify a firearm include a complete description and include the following:

  • Overall Length
  • Barrel Length
  • Caliber if known
  • Type of Action (lever, pump, semi-automatic, Rolling-block, etc)
  • Any Markings or readable text even if it is only one letter or number.
    If you have any photo’s you would want to have added to you posting please email those to and they will be added. If the request is for an originality of an engraving GOOD photographs are are requirement.
  • Anything else you might think will help identify the item

If your inquiry is to the VALUE of a firearm it depends on many things: condition, rarity, condition, demand, and CONDITION.  RSA will likely not provide any value analysis.
Value even with this information is sometimes hard to determine with gun in hand and you are also encouraged to refer to S.P. Fjestad’s great book: BLUE BOOK OF GUN VALUES. Take a look in there, study the section that outlines the method of grading the firearm in question and then review the prices for the grade of firearm. Keep in mind that the prices listed are retail, and that dealers typically will offer from 25% to 30% less than retail.