The Third Quarter 2013 From The Editor


Dear RSA Members,

We are well into summer, and here is your 3rd Quarter Journal. The feature article is from Walt House, who has spent several years researching the “Nelson Story Cattle Drive of 1866.” In the past, much erroneous information had been written about this important event, including misidentifying the type of Remington carbines that Story purchased for his “drovers.” I know that you’ll enjoy reading Walt’s well-written article.

We also thank Tony Daum for his continuing research about the ordnance and civilian inspectors who left their marks on Remington firearms. We welcome all future updates from Tony.

Picking which articles to print in any particular Journal is a balancing act for your editor, as we strive to bring a diverse assortment of articles to please our 600+ members. We don’t hear it often, but it has been said that “you don’t have articles about the Remingtons I collect.”

It is a difficult task to chose which articles to pub- lish on the hundreds of “Remington models and historical topics” that are of interest to our members. Your magazine staff can only print what is sent us. If our members don’t research and write about their area of collecting, it can’t get it into print. But on the positive side, we are ready, willing and able to help with researching your topic. Our RSA Historical Archives now measures more than 160 linear feet! It is the largest collection of Remington infor- mation in the world… outside of the Remington Archives in Ilion, New York. The difference between the two is that RSA’s Archives is fully ordered and searchable. Materials are filed by subject matter and by model type, with a com- plete collection of Remington catalogs and price lists from 1854 to present. The Archives also has the most complete grouping of original Remington-related advertising, with thousands of original newspaper and magazine ads from 1859 to present. The RSA Archives also includes several thousand photographs, both originals and hard copies, as well as digital images.

Want to write for the Remington Collector’s Journal… contact yours truly and I’ll help you. My contact information is printed below.

Even though we have several excellent articles in the “pipeline,” we are always seeking more. I look forward to hearing from you to help keep this the best periodical of any gun club in America!


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