The Third Quarter 2011 LOCKED AND LOADED …

A farewell message from
RSA President

Rich Shepler

With mixed feelings I am announcing to the RSA membership that I found it necessary to resign from my position as President of the RSA. Consequently, this is my last Locked and Loaded column, though I will continue to write my “Knives that Bite” column and articles for the Journal and will continue to be an active RSA member.

As a parting thought, I urge everyone to not only support your Officers and Board of Directors, but also each other. By support- ing each other I mean sharing your knowledge regarding things Remington. At it score, the RSA is about learning and sharing our discoveries and experiences with others. There are multiple ways members can do that.

Foremost, because it reaches all members, is the remington Collector’s Journal. If a member submits an article for the Journal, Editor Roy Marcot will help them get it into a publishable format. Longer, more complete articles are good, but an article need not be long. You might have a single tidbit of information or an experience which can be described and shared with a briefer Journal entry. That would not diminish its value to other members who are not aware of it and who would find it useful and interesting. Try it — write it — and see how easy it can be.

Another easy way to share your knowledge is to answer questions posted on the RSA website’s Forum. You do not need to be an expert to do this, only to know more than the person who posed the question. Also, sometimes the best response is composed of comments made by several people, each of whom brings a different perspective to the answer. Responding to Forum inquiries is simple to do and it is easy to start small. You will have no publishing commitment to put pressure on you and I predict you will feel good for having helped out a person with a question. Who knows? Perhaps such assistance will lead that person to become a RSA member themselves.


We are always looking for folks to do presentations at RSA Annual Seminars. Again, assistance is available for your preparation, as well as help in creating visuals and handouts. There is no easier and safer audience in the world to speak to
than a group of Remington enthusiasts at a seminar listening to someone talk about their favorite topic.

I encourage you to start a Remington Mini-Meeting after a local/regional gunshow or just on its own. Everyone likes “show and tell” with a group who’ll appreciate what others bring to display and discuss. Itdoesnot need to be fancy and all you need is a place to meet where participants can bring Remington stuff to share. Just ask Mike Strietbeck, Ed Hull or Bill Hansen.

The RSA Collector’s Interest List is one of the best resources in the Remington firearms collecting hobby. If you have not previously agreed to share your collecting interests and contact information via that list, do so now. Get an updated copy of the list and contact some of the members who share your specific interests. It is a good way to make new friends and learn more
about the items which interest you. This List is also a good source of RSA members who live near enough to you that they might be interested in participating in a Remington Mini-Meeting.

You can help man the RSA table or exhibit at a show where the RSA has one, or even volunteer to Corey Creamer can help identify
do such an exhibit yourself. opportunities. I guarantee you will learn some things from passersby, as well as help educate show goers about the Remington history we are so fond of.

It does not take a lot of work to get started sharing one’s knowledge and the rewards for doing so far outweigh the effort required. I hope to see you at a RSA event or gunshow. Until then, I give you my best regards,

Best regards,

RSA President

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