The Third Quarter 2008 LOCKED AND LOADED …

Words From RSA President
Rich Shepler

This quarter’s Journal brings opportunities for you
to have increased participation in RSA activities. In the past,
the RSA Elections Committee generated nominations for
upcoming RSA officers’ and directors’ elections. Then at the
winter Annual RSA Membership Meeting in Las Vegas,
persons attending had the opportunity to make additional
nominations, following which the
elections were held with attending
RSA members voting. This approach
worked OK for the last 25 years, but it
limited participation in the election
process to those members who were
able to attend the Annual Meeting.
The change in election procedures
described earlier in this Journal was
made to allow all members full
opportunity to participate in this
important process by making nomina-
tions and voting. Our intent is to get
more members involved in Society
matters and believe this can be one
way to identify persons whose
leadership interests might be un-
known to the current officers and directors. Please do get
involved. Consider members you believe would be good to
nominate, or volunteer yourself. When the time comes to
vote later this year, be certain to exercise your right to vote.

Of course, we will have another more important
opportunity to cast our votes this fall in national, state and
local elections. Make certain you are registered and vote on
election day. The recent Supreme Court ruling was a breath
of fresh air and it avoided what could have been a disaster
for our Second Amendment rights. But there are still many
ways the anti-gun movement can and will attack our right to
own firearms, both sporting and collectible, and we can be
assured that they see this fall’s elections as a way to put
people in office who think as they do. If we don’t vote, we
deserve what we get.

The second opportunity to participate in RSA
activities is by attending the upcoming RSA Annual Histori-
cal Seminar which will be in Louisville, Kentucky Wednes-
day evening through Friday evening, 24-26 September, and
is open to all RSA members, spouses and guests. The
seminar is a great way to spend a couple of days with other
Remington enthusiasts to share knowledge and have fun.
This seminar will include a visit to the Frazier International
History Museum which has excellent arms displays which go
way beyond just firearms. It is educational and family
oriented. The Seminar will have presentations about
Remington firearms and history and the opportunity for


participants to bring material to show and tell or sell. Of
course, we will have fun and that will include raffles and
auctions of donated items. If you have things to donate but
cannot make it to the Seminar, give me a call or e-mail as I
would like to have your material for the RSA fund raising

Louisville is served by major
airlines and is easy to drive to if you
live close enough. Cost for the
Seminar is yet to be finalized, but
includes admission to the Frazier
Museum, as well as dinners on
Wednesday and Friday night.
Breakfasts, lunches and Thursday
dinner are on your own, although
typically participants get together in
friendly groups for those meals.
Participants may bring a guest at a
reduced cost if the guest is not
making the Frazier visit, otherwise
cost is the same as for participants.
The seminar will be finalized shortly.
Contact me by email or phone to get particulars. Seminar
participants are not required to stay at the seminar hotel
though most do.

The weekend after the seminar has the fall Louisville
Gun and Military Show at the Kentucky Expo Center for
those who can extend their stay. This is a good gun show
which has been known to generate some great Remington
collectibles. Louisville is a great location and the city offers
many attractions in addition to firearms related ones. Just a
few of them include: The Louisville Slugger Museum and
Factory (interesting even if you are not a big baseball fan),
The Louisville Zoo, Planetarium, Science Center with IMAX
theater, Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville Art Museum,
Kentucky Derby Museum, and much more. Within easy
driving distance are the Patton Museum at Fort Knox and a
number of bourbon distilleries which have tours. Further
south is cave country and there are casinos across the river
to the north. There is truly something for everyone.

If you have not already informed me, please let me
know you are coming to the seminar as soon as possible so
we can firm up meals and other details (contact information is
at the Journal’s front). If you are hesitating, don’t. I know
you will have a great time.

Best regards,

Rich Shepler

RSA President
(931) 583-0564

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