The Third Quarter 2006 LOCKED AND LOADED


Words From RSA President Rich Shepler

As some of you know, the 2006 RSA Historical Seminar was canceled because we did not have enough participants for it to be feasible. Perhaps the late notice or its timing in early June was a problem. But last year’s mid-July seminar details were announced in early January and we had the lowest participation to date, so it seems we need to do something different.
By way of background, the RSA seminars have been held each year since 1994 except for 1998 and this year. Locations have included the Remington plants in Ilion, NY and Lonoke, AR as well as Cody, WY, Jekyll Island, GA, Fairfax, VA and Springfield, MA. Activities have included presentations on many Remington topics, behind the scenes tours of plants and museums,

There is a core of participants who have been to multiple seminars and look forward to them every year. But most RSA members have never attended a seminar or have not been to one in the last several years. We would like to see the seminars continue and to increase in participation.
raffles and auctions of donated Remington collectibles for fund raising, participant displays and collectible items for sale, book sales, and opening and closing group dinners. Timing has usually been in July or early August, though once it was late September. The seminars have
So this is a request for you to contribute your thoughts to an informal survey to help determine what you, the RSA membership, would like to see regarding future seminars. always started on Wednesday evenings and concluded with a closing dinner Friday night.
We are interested in your input regarding how to improve participation in future seminars.

Please let me know your thoughts by sending me an e-mail or note at one of my addresses listed at the front of this Journal. Specific things we would like to know include:

  • Is every year too often? Would scheduling seminars, say every other year, be better?
  • Is location an issue? If so, what region of the country would allow you to participate? Do you need to be able to drive, and if so, what radius of which major city could you handle?
  • What timing would be best for you (month and early or late)?
  • How much advance notice of seminar details do you need?
  • Would you be more likely to attend if there were a gun show close by the weekend before or after the seminar? A specific one?
  • Is timing during the week an issue?
  • Is it important that there be a firearms related activity close by or incorporated into the seminar, or is the seminar by itself an adequate draw?
  • Do you have any specific suggestions regarding where we might hold a future seminar?
  • What else should we know about your seminar interests?

You do not need to answer every one of these questions, they are meant as a guide and to get you thinking. What we need is your input regarding what is important to you and how we could interest you in participating in future seminars. Even a short note would be useful.

Best regards,
Rich Shepler
RSA President

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