The Third Quarter 2004 The Last Word, by RSA President George Slatten

The Last Word
by RSA President George Slatten
The RSAs 10th Annual Historical Seminar is itself now history! The event, which was held at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA was once again a resounding success. The folks at the NRA were wonderful hosts, and I would like to express my appreciation to all of them. Patty Burt, who managed the daily logistics and was our go to person, Phil Schreier, for his continued support and Whit Fentem all deserve a special Thank You! Sandy Froman, NRAs 1st Vice President, addressed our group on Thursday. Her opening remarks were timely and poignant, so much so that I want to share them with you:
I want to welcome you to NRA Headquarters and National Firearms Museum.

Thank you for coming together to exercise your Second Amendment rights.
Today I would like to speak about an imminent threat.
There are forces actively at work whose mission is to take away our guns and our right to collect them, as well as our right to gather at meetings like this where guns are displayed.
It is astounding that two Senators from Massachusetts who are wealthy and intelligent men, and who are themselves collectors — not of guns but of art and other fine objects — are the leaders of this radical movement.
Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry are spearheading efforts to take away your gun collection.
And a gun collection is just that… a valuable collection of beautiful and historically significant objects.
Some anti-gun politicians just dont understand our love for fine mechanical objects of history.
They dont own collections of any fine objects, and so cannot understand those who do.
But these two men do understand why we love gun collecting.
Yet, for political purposes, they will portray your beautiful collectible guns as the tools of terrorists, as a threat to public safety, as unnecessary in a civilized society.
If they can, they will take them away.
If one of them, John Kerry, is elected President this November, they may very well succeed.
If these two men have their way in November, we will become like Europe, where guns are removed from private hands.
Where guns are neither more nor less than the tools of criminals and those who fight them.
Look at what has happened in Britain:

Their gun ban became so sweeping that it includes all guns — whether working shotguns or family heirlooms.
In England, they are sawing beautiful firearms into pieces, melting them down, and turning these historical artifacts into heaps of rubble.
These two men and others like them are trying to make America like Europe, where guns are being banished from history.
Like the museum in France that I visited in Normandy that advertised itself proudly as the first gun-free World War II history museum.
We cannot let that happen here! So I ask you to enjoy this meeting, and enjoy the camaraderie.
But when you go home, get involved in the election.
John Kerry must not be allowed to win.
We need to keep a pro-Second Amendment President in the White House, and we need to win key Senate races to ensure a pro-Second Amendment Senate.
Though the gun legislation before Congress is important, even more important is the U.S. Supreme Court.
There are expected to be three vacancies on the Court in this next presidential term.
Whoever occupies the White House during these next four years will shape the future of that Court with his appointees.
If John Kerry is President, the Supreme Court he would create would rule that the Second Amendment does not confer an individual right to you as an American, and therefore the government could confiscate and destroy your beautiful Remingtons.

Sandra Froman

NRA 1st Vice President

Thank you Sandy for words more eloquent than I could say.

Respectively submitted,

George Slatten

RSA President

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