The Second Rem-Thoughts… RSA President Roy Marcot

Dear RSA Members,

Lots going on since I last wrote to you. The Annual RSA Member’s Meeting was held in Las Vegas at the Winter Antique Arms Show on January 18th, and was well attended by 60+ members and guests. At this meeting we inform the attendees of all upcoming events planned for the new year and announce the results of the year-end elections. David Fagan was re-elected as RSA Vice President. Bill Hansen was re-elected as Secretary Treasurer. Corey
Creamer was re-elected as RSA Director and Show Chairman. And Joel Ziegler was elected as our new RSA Director.

RSA Director and Seminar Chairman Chip Kloos is hard at work preparing for our return
to Cody, Wyoming in September. The 18th Annual RSA Historical Seminar will be hosted
by the Cody Firearms Museum, Buffalo Bill Center of the West
on September 23rd – 26th 2014. You will see a two-page spread on this grand event elsewhere in this Journal. I urge you to send in your registration money to Chip as soon as possible, and make your hotel reservations at the same time. The event will be packed with activities that you (and your wife) will enjoy!

You already noticed a new picture of me on this page. I am shooting Vince Scarlata’s M1928 Thompson (Vince is the slim one in the picture) and I am shooting off a
full stick of .45 ACP ammunition — courtesy of my friend Wayne Driskill who obviously knows that I love Thomp- sons! But did you know that Remington Arms Company made the barrels for the M1 Thompson Submachine Guns for Savage (in nearby Utica) during World War II! Ah… there is a tie-in to Remington here.

Vince retired from Remington’s Ammo operations after more than 40 years just recently. He has been our key contact at the Lonoke, Arkansas Ammo Plant for more than twenty years, and he will be sorely missed.

The Remington Research Team is getting ready to return to Ilion for its 23rd annual visit to “The Arms”
in early June. The primary puirpose of the visit is to
help preserve Remington’s historical records, drawings, ledgers and photographs. The Research Team consists of 14 hand-picked historians — each with a specialty in one

  phase of Remington products or history. Typically ten or eleven of the fourteen go on any one visit. The RSA has its own photocopy machine and high speed scanner to copy original documents and images for the RSA Archives. Joel Ziegler has just been added to the team, replacing John
Gyde, our “expert” on Remington .22 rifles. John is recovering well from a recent surgery, as is Jack Heath, an original Research Team member. Good to hear that both of you are doing so well.

Congratulations to RSA Director Dan Pozarek who orga- nized and managed the RSA Exhibit Booth at this year’s Annual NRA Convention in Indianapo- lis. You’ll see a full write-up on Dan’s achievements elsewhere in this magazine. But this does bring up an important matter. Next year’s Annual NRA Con-
vention is scheduled for Nashville, Tennessee from April 10th to the 12th, 2015. We need an RSA member to step forward soon to volunteer to manage the RSA Booth at this event. Please contact Show Chairman Corey Creamer. His contact information is on page three of this magazine.

Former RSA VP Mike Strietbeck has donated his attractive wood exhibit to this organization. This is the ex- hibit that he constructed for the NRA Meeting in Phoenix about three years ago. It can be shipped to the RSA mem- ber who will manage the RSA Booth in 2015. Far easier
to utilize this existing display than to construct one from scratch on your own. There are plenty of past displayers who can advise you about the responsibilities and oppor- tunities of managing the RSA Booth next year.

Last month I had the pleasure of participating in the RSA Mini-Meeting held in Southern California. About eighteen RSA members attended this 9:00 am to 1:00 pm meeting and “show & tell” event that was hosted by Carol Watson’s Auction Gallery. It proved to me that other such events would go over well elsewhere around the country. If you have an interest in starting one up in your “neck of the woods,” let me know and we’ll help you.

Well, That’s about all for now. I hope to see you in Cody this September…

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