The Second Quarter 2011 From The Editor, Roy Marcot

Dear RSA Members,

“The older you get, the faster time goes by…” is a statement that many old-timers told me over the years. Now that I am joining their ranks, I see exactly what they meant, It seems that as soon as we put an issue to bed, that another is due.

When I was preparing the column “10 Years Ago This Issue,” it struck me that I had just com- pleted twenty years putting this magazine together. It all started back in April 1991, when Ed Hull asked me to take over the duties as Journal Editor.

The size of the Journal grew from eight pages to over 60 pages, but what you probably don’t know is that it was a “cut and paste” operation for nine of those years using hot wax to “glue” the text and photographs in place. I didn;t start computerizing the job until early 2000, or so. The quality of the photographs improved a hundred percent after we adopted PageMaker.

I want to bring your attention to the latest concept in gun magazines, and eventually gun books… that is, magazines and books on your computer. Never happen, you say? Well, think again. The future is now, with the first example already available at:

Go there and download their first E-magazine at no charge. After you are impressed, go ahead and sign up for an annual subscription. Hat;s off to Dick Salzer and others for this magnificent effort. Who knows, maybe it is the future of the Remington Collector;s Journal. On the plus side, we could eliminate about $25,000 a year in printing costs for the Remington Society. On the minus side, RSA members who do not have a computer would not be able to see the on-line magazine.

But don’t worry. We have no immediate plans to do this. Just looking ahead to see what would be best for our organization.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot hold our 16th Annual RSA Seminar at the Remington Ammo Plant this year.

I am sorry to say that we have lost several important members recently, including author Clark Campbell, author Charles Schif and historian Doc Karl Spyridon. You will find tributes to these fine men elsewhere in this magazine.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Remington history that you’ll find on these pages…

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