The Second Quarter 2008 RSA Journal

Photo of the Second Quarter 2008 Issue of the RSA Journal

Second Quarter 2008
RSA Journal

In This Issue …

From The Editor, Roy Marcot

  • RemShots

    • Remington “Light Baby” Carbines
    • Remington Sword-Type Mexican Bayonets
    • Remington Model 1900 Shotgus
    • Remington No.3 Hepburn Rifles
    • Remington Model 10 Pump-Action Shotguns
    • Remington Model XP-22 Rimfire Firearms
    • A Prototype “Remington?” .22 Rifle
    • Maxim Silencers
    • Remington-Beals Pocket Revolvers
    • Remington Model 591 & 592 Rifles
    • Remington Maynard Tape Conversions
    • Spanish Army Instructional Scarf
    • Unusual Revolving Carbine
    • Spanish M1874 Artillery Musketoon
    • Swiss Gun Laws

  • When Alcohol and Guns Did Mix…
    by James Zupan

  • Rem-Facts
    by Mark Eddy

  • The Remington Bookshelf
    by Ed Hull
    “Arming the West – Schuyler, Hartley & Graham’s Arms Shipments to the American Frontier 1868 – 1886”

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Locked and Loaded… RSA President Rich Shepler

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