The Second Quarter 2008 LOCKED AND LOADED …

Words From RSA President
Rich Shepler

The 2008 Presidential campaigns are well underway with three possible individuals at present. None of them is pro-gun though there are differences in their negative positions. The Supreme Court will rule this summer on a landmark case. But its applicable scope is narrow and even a positive ruling for us would leave much room for antigun legislation. Regardless of what happens in these events, we gun owners of all kinds can still work to protect our rights.

At the national level, the President only signs laws. They are written and passed by the legislative branch of government. There are many races for Senate and House of Representative seats where candidates offer a better choice of options relative to our gun related rights. Also, not all gun related laws are Federal. Many are State laws and some are City or Municipality. So we cannot focus only on the Federal elections and ignore those close to home.

I am not saying that we should be one issue voters. But if we want to preserve our gun rights for ourselves, children and grandchildren, we must put forth some effort. At a minimum, do some research to find out the true positions of persons running in elections in which you can vote. Even if you do not want to or cannot actively support various candidates for various reasons, you can vote. Of course, you cannot vote unless you are registered. If you are not registered, do so soon since some jurisdictions have limits regarding how close to elections one can register. And of course, when the time comes, get out and exercise your right to vote. People who do not vote forfeit their real right to complain regarding the laws our elected officials enact.

Do not assume that the antis won’t come after the kind of guns you collect and/or use. The most radical won’t

  stop until they have outlawed everything, and they have a lot of money behind them from anti gun fanatics.

I had planned to publish details of the 2008 RSA Historical Seminar in this edition of the Journal but have been in India and China on business most of the time since writing my last column. I will have the details for you next Journal for certain. However, please note that we have changed the dates for the seminar by a week to correctly dovetail it with the Louisville Gun Show. So it will be in Louisville Wednesday evening through Friday evening September 24th – 26th. The gun show will be an option for seminar participants who can stay over that weekend.

Try to attend the seminar. It is only open to RSA members and is one of your important benefits of membership. If you have attended a previous seminar, you know they are informative and a ton of fun. If you have not been able to make one yet, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

We have raffles and auctions at the RSA Historical Seminars to raise money for RSA activities. Even if you cannot attend the seminar, think about donating Remingtonrelated duplicate items or things you do not need or want any longer (which others might enjoy) and consider donating them for RSA fund raising. They do not need to be guns. Any related items or material are welcome and appreciated. You can donate by sending things to me at my address published in the front of the Journal. If you are unsure about appropriateness of an item, contact me and we can discuss it.

Till next time, enjoy your collection and be safe.

Best regards,

Rich Shepler

RSA President

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