The Second Quarter 2007 Classified Ads

Reference: 2nd Qtr 2007
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roymarcot@msn.comNon-members should send check (made out to “RSA”).

For sale: Various Remington Line Throwing and
Harpoon Guns from the author who wrote the article
on “Ingersoll Line Throwing Guns.” Contact Harold
Friedman, 7096 Pine Bluff Drive, Lake Worth, FL
33467 or phone (561) 439-0539

Wanted: Correct bullet mold for Reminton New Model
Police revolver. Must be “MINTY”. Also can use other
Remington molds for Remington percussion revolvers,
same condition; and Remington cap tins. Fritz Baehr,
3125 Fremont Street, Boulder, CO 80304; tele (303)
443-2691 or Email

Wanted: Clean and original Remington Model 31 Riot
Shotgun. Need not be mint, but must be in known
serial number range. Contact Jerry VanHorn, Setter
Ridge Farm, Ash Flat, AR or call (870) 847-5771 or

Wanted: Minty to Near New
Remington Model 51 Semi Auto-
matic pistol, caliber .32 ACP or
.380 ACP. Must be in original minty
to new pasteboard box with all
accessories: tags, brush, postcard,
instruction sheet, and glass oil
bottle, all in like condition. One
boxed .32 plus one boxed .380 will
be acceptable, or either by itself.
Also seeking Blue Smoot revolvers,
and Blue percussion New Model
Police revolver with 6 and 1/2 inch
barrel in Excellent to mint condition. Fritz Baehr
3125 Fremont Street, Boulder, Co 80304; Tele 303)
443 – 2691 or email mooseb1@

Wanted: Percussion cylinder for Remington New
Model Army .44 caliber revolver. Must be in original
excellent cond. with 95 % + factory blue. Contact Bill
Bitter at (559) 846-7557 or Email

Wanted: Original wood grips for the Remington-Elliot
“Mississippi” single-shot derringer – in excellent
condition only. Contact James McGaughran at (301)
682-6023 or write 6410 Mercantile Drive E, Unit
102, Frederick, MD 21703

Wanted: Remington Model 141/2 and Model 25 rifles
chambered in any standard caliber. Rifle(s) must be
all original and at least 90% condition. Would prefer
to do business with fellow RSA members or estab-
lished retailers only. Please contact Joe Johndreau at
(605) 433-5453 (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM weekdays) or

For Sale: Remington Model 720 bolt action rifle. In
about 80% condition, was used as a hunting rifle. All
original condition except drilled for a scope. It has a
period Weaver K-4 scope installed, probably the
original. Stock is numbered to the gun. Serial #
409xx. Small crack at pistol grip and a chip out of
the stock toe. I have pictures to send or I can email
pictures. A neat old rifle and a piece of Remington
history. Bore is good,blue is also good. Priced at
$1,000.00 or make offer. Contact Jeff Badger
(970)945-9631 or email

Wanted: 12 ga., 12 ga., 20 ga. and 28 ga. wood
shipping crates for shotshells manufactured by UMC,
Remington, Peters, Federal, Western and Winchester.
I have duplicates for sale or trade. Contact Larry
Mayer at PO Box 1021, Madison, FL 32341 or call
(850) 973-2153

Wanted: I am doing research on the Union Metallic
Cartridge Company and want to know if you have any
of the following UMC catalogs:
1891, 1892, 1893, or 1894? If
so, would you be willing to make
a copy for me? I will pay for
copying and mailing. You can
contact me by email at: or my
address is: Bruce Farrant, 614
Camellia Trace Dr., Maryville,
TN 37801

Wanted: Remington .22 dispens-
ers and merchandisers, rifle
racks, deluxe/engraved/unusual
Model 8, 81, 14D, 16, 24, and
241 rifles and Remington ammo
for the same. Tom Ramsey, call (405) 447-0727 or e-

Wanted: Remington Model 660 in .223 caliber to
complete a collection. Also, I buy, sell, trade Reming-
ton Model 600s, Model 660s, and 600 Mohawks with
associated paperwork and literature – Contact Jim
Ciolli, Jr. at (412) 600-5636

Wanted: Remington Model 1100 LH, 12-ga, Field
Grade, VR barrel, any choke, preferably serial
number M, N or earlier. 95% condition or better.
Trap model is OK. Not for collection, rather to shoot
in weekly skeet/trap league with other old guys! I
like the shotgun because of soft recoil, good pointer,
parts still available and affordable. Contact John
Henderson at (817) 988-2278 or email:

Wanted: The following Remington literature: “A
Birds-Eye View of Remington-UMC Advertising”;
Remington-UMC Advertising Helps; Remington Dealer
Helps Book; “The Lions Share”; any memos that talk
about Remington advertising; and store front photos
showing Remington products. Contact: Gordon
Fosburg (989) 544-2455 or email

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