The Second Quarter 2004 Classified Ads

RSA Classified Ads are “free” to RSA members… or $10 per classified for non-members. Send letter (or email) to RSA Journal Editor Roy Marcot 12655 E. Horsehead Road, Tucson, AZ 85749 e-mail: roymarcot@msn.comNon-members should send check (made out to “RSA”).

Wanted: Original owners manuals for the following Remington rifles: Model 12, Model 121, and Model 14 & 14 1/2. Also looking for a MINT +++ Model 12 – .22 rifle. Please feel free to contact Rick Maitland at (780) 288-8989 or e-mail:

Wanted: Grade 1, Remington-Whitmore, Model 1875 or 1876 10 gauge, double barrel shotgun. The barrels can be either shortened or of original length. Please contact Scott R. Kirkman, via e-mail at

or call (415) 781-2670

Wanted: Remington Model 1894 and Model 1900 Shotgun in 16 ga. Unaltered condition and must be NRA Antique “very good” to “excellent”. Also want to acquire a Remington wrist watch made by Hamilton – standard or deluxe. Made in the 1980s. Contact Tracy Martin at (615) 230-6210, or

Wanted: Main spring for Remington Smoot #4. Also need a lanyard ring with base for a 1st Model 1875 revolver. Contact William Bitter (559) 846-7557 or e-mail

Wanted… picture (original or good print) of L.L.Hepburn holding a rifle at the 1874 Creedmoor match. Also want Hepburn or rolling block rifles, parts, actions, barrels, wood, sights, loading tools, Creedmoor shooting kit or ??? Contact Richard Binger by phone (317) 878-5489 days (10 a. m. till late).

Wanted: Clips for Model 8 and/or 81 Remingtons, one of each size… and butt stock and butt plate for a Model 14A Remington. Donald Klebenow, 1275 Washington St., Reno, NV 89503 or call
(775) 322-2643, or e-mail

Wanted: Remington .22 countertop dispensers and info on them. Also, 25/.30/.32/.35 Remington ammo in Remington boxes; and unique or fancy Model 8, 16, 24, 81, 241 rifles. Tom Ramsey (405)447-0727 or e-mail

Wanted: information on Remington’s Letter Writing Contest of 1913. Also need copies of pictures of store windows with Remington displays. Please contact Gordon Fosburg, 11900 No. Brinton Road
Lake, MI 48632 hm (989) 544-2455 or e-mail

Wanted: To purchase mint or near-mint Remington Boy Scout and Girl Scout knives and related advertising materials. Contact collector Jim Pitblado (562) 438-8678 or e-mail

Trade: Remington Fieldmaster 121, 97% low s/n, (made in1938), handsomely-grained, uncheckered, stock, excellent action. Little fired. Very little wear. Will swop for WWI/WWII German militaria. What have you? FYI – I live in Md. just outside Washington DC. David C. Walsh

or phone (301) 657 8994

Wanted: Original Remington No.3 Hepburn parts and actions. Call Tim Eastman at (818) 668-2134 or e-mail

Wanted: Remington Model 721 B-Grade rifle in .300 H & H Magnum. Must have factory checkering. No “plain-Janes”. Any condition. Contact Evan Matthews (845) 339-3406

For Sale: 9th Annual RSA Seminar coffee mugs. See color centerfold in 3rd Qtr. RSA Journal for picture. Only a few remain. Price is $15, plus $4 postage. Make check out to “RSA” and mail to our RSA Secretary, Sue Creamer. Address is on page two of this Journal.

For Sale: Remington Advertising, catalogs, envelopes, posters, signs, calendars, hang-tags, labels, letters, gun manuals, etc. Prices start as low as $1. Robert Harlock, 5679 South Transit Road #298, Lockport, NY 14094 or call (716) 434-5928 from 10 AM to 6:30 PM Eastern. e-mail

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