The Second Quarter 2002 RSA Journal

Photo of the Second Quarter 2002 Issue of the RSA Journal
   Second Quarter 2002
     RSA Journal

In This Issue …

  • RemShots

    • .22 Rocket and Thunderbold Ammo
    • Remington Model 14R Carbine
    • Remington Iroquois Revolver
    • Remington Model 32 Shotgun
    • Remington Nylon .22 Rifles
    • .44-90 Remington Special Ammo
    • Remington Model 742 CDL Carbine
    • Remington New York State Carbine

  • The Remington Model 6 Boy’s Rifle
    by Lee Estabrook

  • Remington Remilion Shotgun Cartridges
    by Dale J. Hedlund

  • Ten Years Ago this Quarter

  • Remington Rolling Block Carbine

  • The Taylor Battery Gun

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