The Second Quarter 2000 RSA Journal



Photo of the Second Quarter 2000 Issue of the RSA Journal
Second Quarter 2000
RSA Journal

In This Issue …

  • RemShots
  • Remington Sportsman Shotguns in World War II
  • Remington Model 34 N.R.A. Rifles
  • Remington Ammunition Supplies the Allies in World War II
  • Pistol Barrels Marked: P. & S. REMINGTON
  • Remington Model 788 Rifles


  • The Remington Model 11 Shotgun – “An American Classic”
    by James Tipton

  • RSA Interviews: Holman J. Swinney

  • Dr. Hay’s Improvment Submitted To The St. Louis Ordnance Board
    by R. Bruce McDowell and Roger Phillips

  • An Exhibition Of Remington Firearms At Jekyll Island:
    The Hunt: Game, Guns and Gentlemen of Jekyll Island

  • The Jay Huber Collection Of Historical Photographs:
  • Melvin Morse: Machinist at E. Remington & Sons – 1864
  • Grey Leggings: Comanche Indian
  • Two Hunters: Their Dog and Their Remington Shotguns