The Remington Society Display at the Remington Fireams Museum

Once a year the Remington Society changes its firearms
display in the glass case at the Remington Museum in Ilion,
New York. The most current display is by RSA member Loren
Dunham, and can be seen through August 2007. It features
five of Lorens Remington Model 14 rifles, arranged exactly
like they appeared in the 1914-15 factory catalog.
The F-Grade gun was loaned by RSA member Scott Taylor.

All RSA displays at the Remington factory museum are
co-ordinated by RSA Director Gene Myszkowski, and the
display stands are made by RSA VP Mike Strietbeck. If you
are interested in being the featured exhibitor in mid-2007,
contact Gene at: (518) 799-5171 (East Coast time) or Email him
at [Photographs by Loren Dunham]

Here is a closeup view of Loren Dunhams display of Model 14 rifles. From top to
bottom are:
Remington Model 14-A Standard Grade Rifle
Remington Model 14-C Special Grade Rifle
Remington Model 14-D Peerless Grade Rifle
Remington Model 14-F Premier Grade Rifle
Remington Model 14-R Carbine

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