The Remington 700 by John Lacy

Photo of John Lacy's book

– A History and Users Manual –

by John Lacy

This is a comprehensive
study of Remington’s most famous high-power rifle, the
Model 700.
The author, John Lacy, is recognized as the leading
authority on modern
high-power Remington rifles, and this book is the
product of thousands of hours of research
at the Remington factory.

Author: John F.
Hardcover – 208 pages – Dust Jacket – Black and White
and Color Illustrations
Copyright 1989

“History of the Remington Model 700 Rifle”
“Remington Model 700ADL, Model 700BDL, Model 700 Safari
and Model 700 Varmint Rifles”
“Shooter Information on Calibers, Nomenclature, Parts
and Engineering”
“Other Remington Bolt-Action Rifles, including the Model 720,
Model 721, Model 722, and Model 725.”
“Remington Model 40X Rifles”
“Special Edition Remington High Power Rifles”

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Photo of a Remington Model 700 High-Power Rifle in 7mm Express Remington caliber