The Fourth Quarter 2013 From The Editor


Dear RSA Members,

Another year comes to a close, and we hope you have enjoyed the articles that appeared in the Remington Collector’s Journal. Thanks go out to our authors for writing such well-received articles. We have some good ones lined up for 2014, but we are always looking for more. Our Archives is available to assist you in your literary endeavors… help is here for the asking.

I am about to enter my 23rd year as edi- tor of the Journal, and while I have no plans to step down, I’m looking for someone to assist me in producing the magazine. Work will start slow, but you’ll receive an education in PhotoShop and InDesign. Please contact me for more details.

Since this is year’s end, we want to thank the dedicated individuals who make this magazine possible:

Mike Strietbeck is RemShots, who not only pens the first column in the Journal, but answers questions for members and non-members alike every month of the year. Only the most interesting questions/answers make it into Mike’s RemShots column.
Rich Shepler writes the “Knives That Bite” column which brings out heretofore unpublished information about Remington’s knives – 1921 to 1941.

Ed Hull pens the “Remington Bookshelf” column about new and classic books about Remington-related topics.

Mark Eddy authors the “RemFacts” column, which is about non-gun related Remington historical topics. In the past few issues “Rem- Facts” has been absent, owing to how busy Mark is with his duties at “The Arms” in Ilion. He promises to return in our next issue.

Well, that’s it for now. See you in the 1st Quarter issue of next year!


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