The Fourth Quarter 2007 LOCKED AND LOADED

Words From RSA President
Rich Shepler

The 12th Annual RSA Historical Seminar is now history
… and a fine seminar it was! Over three dozen RSA
members, spouses and guests gathered in Ogden,
Utah for three great days of fun activities and comradery.
Presentations included:
? An Introduction to Genealogical
Research Using the Internet? by
BetseyLee Browning.
?Remington Guns Designed by John
Browning? by Roy Marcot.
? .22 Rifle Prototypes in the Remington
R & D Gun Library? by John Gyde.
?The Real Nelson Story ?Story? – Which
Remington Breach Loader Was Used??
by Walt House. ?Remington Zip
Knives? by Mike Strietbeck. ?Remington
– The Early Years (1816 – 1860)? by Roy
In addition there were private
tours of the John Browning Gun Museum,
road trips to the Golden Spike
National Historic Site, Browning Firearms
Headquarters and Outlet Store, as well as other Browning
sites, admission to four other museums in the Union Station,
and food … lots of food. With three dinners and a lunch
included in Seminar fees, no one went hungry! Of course, we
all got to have fun with the traditional fund raising raffles and
auctions and everyone had a chance to take remington stuff
home. As always, the best part was spending time with a
bunch of great people who share our interest and enthusiasm
for ?things Remington.? Several folks made contacts with
people having similar collecting interests and say that they
will be following up with each other. Everyone had a great
time and no one wanted it to end. A big RSA thanks to Bob,
Sue and Corey Creamer who pulled it all together for us!!!
Site and dates for the 2008 RSA Seminar will be
announced at the January RSA Annual General Membership
Meeting and published in the 1st Quarter RSA Journal.
Possibilities include a visit to the world-class Frazier Museum
in Louisville, Kentucky and a return to the Remington factory
in Ilion, New York. Watch for the announcement and mark
your calendar! Come back for more if you were there this
year, and don?t miss the fun again if you were not.
Looking ahead to 2008, there is important work for
all of us to do. Some have already completed local 2007
elections and others will have the privilege of voting later
this year. Don?t forget to register if you are not already

registered and get out to vote. Every election is meaningful
for us who are interested in firearms. There are many who
dearly want to take all our guns away. Those zealots can be
found in all parties, both genders, all races, creeds and ages.
So there is no easy way to identify where candidates stand
though several pro-gun organizations provide ?report
cards? on candidates. Each of us needs to figure out who is
who in our own elections. I am not asking you to be a ?one
issue voter,? but I am asking you to think about the impact
your candidates could have on our firearms rights.
Do not make the mistake of thinking that some
politicians don?t want your antique
guns, your black powder guns, your air
guns, or your guns for which ammunition
itself is obsolete and collectible and
would be terribly expensive to shoot, or
your hunting guns, or your selfprotection
guns. Some politicians even
want to outlaw toy guns. They want all
of our guns, but are willing to be patient
and take them one segment at a time. If
there is any compensation at all, it will
be a fraction of that your pieces are
The 2007 elections are coming to a
close, but the 2008 races are already
rolling. Learn about the candidates now
and get involved. Figure out who you
want to support and do it. If you cannot afford to give
money, donate your time. If you can do neither, at least talk to
your friends and acquaintances and try to influence their
votes. Most important of all, get out and vote yourself in the
primaries and elections.

Best regards,

Rich Shepler

RSA President

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