The Fourth Quarter 2003 The Last Word, by RSA President George Slatten

A Message From RSA President
George Slatten

November 18, 2003


Dear RSA members,
Yet another year is drawing to a close, and looking back I’m amazed at how quickly the time has passed. Your Remington Society has been busy this year working to increase our visibility by setting up RSA booths and displays at major shows around the country.

One of the highlights was Dick Binger’s highly successful display at the NRA Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, where Dick walked away with two awards. Gene Myszkowski also put on an excellent display at the 16th Annual Gun Collectors Show in Springfield, Massachusetts in October, while Leon Wier continues to carry our banner at the Beinfeld Las Vegas shows.

We’re also working to increase Society activities wherever possible. At the RSA Seminar in Cody, Wyoming, this year we had an additional Board meeting, while at the Tulsa Show in October a group of RSA folks held a “mini-meeting” which in my recollection, hasn’t happened in several years. There are plans to put on two Remington exhibits in conjunction with other gun collector organizations in 2004, and all RSA members will be invited to participate in the display with their Remington collections.

Be sure to visit this RSA web site frequently to keep up with new member offerings and Society activities. I hope you will take advantage of the special price to RSA members on Remington’s new book: “The Art of Remington Arms”. This full-color book features several hundred original sporting art paintings done for Remington advertising over the last 100 years.

Our Annual RSA Meeting is fast approaching. As always, it will be held in conjunction with Wally Beinfield’s Antique Arms Show in Las Vegas, and will take place on Saturday evening , January 17, 2004, right after the show closes for the day. You don’t want to miss this event, so make plans to attend. Be sure to stop by the RSA table at the show to visit and to pick up details on the meeting rooms, auctions, etc.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our Officers and Directors, both past and present, who have given so freely of their time and resources to support our Society and who continue to do so whenever called upon. They are the reason our organization continues to grow and improve. During this first year of my presidency, I’ve learned what a great bunch of folks they are to work with!!


George Slatten

RSA President

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