The Fourth Quarter 2003 RSA Journal

Photo of the Fourth Quarter 2003 Issue of the RSA Journal

Fourth Quarter 2003
RSA Journal

In This Issue …

From The Editor, Roy Marcot

  • RemShots

    • Remington-UMC History
    • UMC Belt Buckle
    • Remington-Hepburn No. 3 Target Rifle
    • Remington Model 121 “Smoothbore” Rifle
    • Remington No. 3 single-barrel Shotgun
    • Remington Boy Scout Knife
    • Remington “Iroquois” Revolver
    • Remington Model 8 sights
    • Remington Cadet Rifles
    • Remington-Whitmore M1873 Shotguns
    • Powder Flasks in Remington cased sets
    • An “Atic Find” Remington Pistol
    • Remington Light Baby Carbines
    • Annie Oakley UMC Pin

  • The Golden Age of American Target Shooting
    by Russell Gilmore

  • RSA’s Firearm Display at the Remington Museum

  • The Ingersoll Life-Saving, Line-Throwing Gun
    by Dr. Harold Friedman

  • Those Strange Letters on Remington .22 Bullets

  • Did You Know Remington Made…
    Razor Blades

  • The Remington Bookshelf
    “Parker Gun Identification”

Classified Ads

The Last Word, by RSA President George Slatten

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