The Fourth Quarter 1999 RSA Journal

Photo of the Fourth Quarter 1999 Issue of the RSA Journal
   Fourth Quarter 1999
     RSA Journal

In This Issue …

  • RemShots

    • Remington Nylon 22’s
    • Remington Model 310 Shotguns
    • Remington Pocket Knives
    • Remington Model of 1934 Rifles
    • Norwegian Remington Rolling Blocks
    • Remington-Keene Serial Numbers

  • Remington’s First Army-Size
    Revolver conversions
    by Roger Phillips

  • Cartridge Extractors For
    Remington’s New Model Conversions
    by Roger Phillips

  • Remington’s .22 Caliber Long Rifle
    Indoor Target Sharp Shoulder Ammo

    by Lou Behling

  • Nagant-Remington Rifle Production
    by Ed Hull