The Fourth Quarter 1991 RSA Journal

Photo of the Fourth Quarter 1991 Issue of the RSA Journal
   Fourth Quarter 1991
     RSA Journal

In This Issue …

  • RemShots

  • RSA Interviews…
       Dr. Harry J. Parker

  • Remington Alterations
    Of Model 1841 Rifles

    by Edward Hull

  • Remington-Beals Navy Revolvers
    -Model of 1858-
    .36 Caliber

    by Slim Kohler and Don Ware

  • Remington Society of America Holds Charter Meeting
    by Fritz Baehr

  • Remington Bayonets
    by Jerry L. Janzen

  • 22 remington Smoot No. 1 Revolver

  • Important Dates In The History Of Firearms

  • What Does He Really Mean When
    He Says That The Gun Is …

    by Frank Zika & Gary Straup