The First Rem Thoughts RSA President Roy Marcot 2016

To All RSA Members,

In the last issue of the Remington Collector’s Journal I told you that Rich Shepler and I were asked by Remington to design a very special Remington His- torical Exhibit to be the centerpiece of Remington Arms Company Display at major events throughout 2016. Well, I’m pleased to tell you that all worked out and Rich and I are very pleased with the results… and so is Remington.

The Historical Exhibit featured a 200-year timeline of signi cant events in the history of the com- pany, complete with a number of Remington rearms borrowed from the Remington Museum and from the Remington Archives in Ilion, New York. The Exhibit was professionally built and re-assembled for the rst time at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas in mid-January. Rich and Roy were asked by Remington to “man” the exhibit and greet the many hundreds of visitors seeking information about Remington rearms.
When the SHOT Show closed, the Beinfeld An- tique Arms Show began. RSA’s Annual Board of Direc- tor’s Meeting was held on Friday night, and the Annual RSA Member’s Meeting was held the following day.

In Mid-May are two RSA activities that you should be aware of… The RSA has a historical booth at the Annual NRA Member’s Meeting in Louisville, from May 20th – 22nd. Presently we are looking for a mem- ber to represent the RSA by displaying his Remingtons. To help out, the RSA Directors have authorized a rather lucrative expense reimbursement plan for the member.

The second important event is the Colorado Gun Show that will take place in Denver from May 2oth to May 22nd (the same date as the NRA Convention). This gun show is one of the top three in the country, and shouldn’t be missed.
And in September the RSA is holding its 20th Annual Historical Seminar at the Bass Pro Shop’s Flag- ship Store in Spring eld, Missouri. You see, a year ago they opened an adjunct NRA Firearms Museum there, and the Remington Arms Company put many dozens of prototype rearms there. Elsewhere in this magazine are several pages devoted to this event. Hope to see you there.

All my best,



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