The First Rem Thoughts RSA President Roy Marcot 2015

To my fellow RSA members,

Your Remington Society has entered 2015 in a rip-roaring way, with many wonderful things planned

for this year. First of all I want to thank the four dozen or so members and guests that attended our Annual Mem- ber’s Meeting at the Antique Arms Show in Las Vegas last month. Not only did we inform the attendees of the events planned for this year, but everyone seemed to enjoy the raffles, give-aways, sale items, pizza and soft drinks.

It was announded that
George McAllister was re-elected
as RSA Vice President and
Trader Jeff Veselenak was
elected as RSA Director to
replace the retiring Gene
Myszkowski. Billy Smith was
appointed as RSA Director to fill
a vacancy. Gene was presented
with a plaque of Recognition for
his many years of service to the organization as RSA Director
and Coordinator of the RSA
Exhibits at the Remington Museum in Ilion.

RSA Director Chip Kloos told everyone about
the upcoming RSA Historical Seminar which will be held in mid-September at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. Besides viewing the thousands of firearms in the NRA Museum, attendees will spend an afternoon at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History and have unprecidented access to the “off limits” gun vault! Way to go, Chip!

At the RSA Board Meeting the Directors approved a monetary compensation plan to reimburse members
for certain expenses related to being in charge of the RSA Booth at the NRA Annual Convention… and other gun shows. This will make it easier (and more fair) in attract- ing members in stepping forward to bring the Remington Society in the foreground.

New RSA Director Trader Jeff Veselenak has made good progress in establishing the first of many “RSA Shoots” in various venues throughout the United States. Preliminary thoughts include Trap/Skeet Shoots utilizing vintage Remington Shotguns… Target Shooting and/or Cowboy Action Shooting utilizing vintage Remington per- cussion or cartridge handguns and rifles… and just plain “shoot what you bring” events using Remington guns of all types. Watch these pages for up to date information on these “shoots.”

Following the lead of the American Society of
Gun Collectors, a new organization was established in late December – the Remington Historical Foundation, Inc. This non-profit entity is not related (for the present time) with the Remington Society of America. It is a
501c3 organization intended to both preserve Remington history and to make it available to others. Importantly, the foundation can accept donations of Remington-related paperwork, photographs, artifacts and computer-related data. The foundation is in its infancy, and much to be

done to establish this organiza tion as a world-recognized repository of Remington history.

On January 12th Warren Newman, Curator of the Cody Firearms Museum since 2000, retired after 14 years of
service to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Over the years Warren has been a true friend to the Remington Society and will be sorely

missed. His replacement is Ashley Hlebinsky, the first woman ever appointed as curator of a major firearms mu- seum in America. We met Ashley at the 2014 RSA Semi- nar in Cody and we were impressed by her knowledge of firearms and her willingness to share that knowledge with others. We know she will succeed in her new responsibili- ties.

As the months and years go on it is inevitable that we will lose members… but it doesn’t become any easier. On December 8th we lost Andy Anderson, a premier col- lector of Remington double-guns, and the one who first suggested the RSA conduct “shoots” of vintage Reming- tons. Andy was a cheerful, likeable individual, who also loved L.C. Smith shotguns, and was one of the founders of that collector organization. We also lost Mark Aziz, who passed away on January 29th. Mark was 93 years old,
and was an active collector and arms historian his whole life. He headed up The Gun Room Press which published many gun books over the years.

I hope to see you at all the events and gun shows where the Remington Society will be this year. We are successful because of the unselfish help given by dozens of RSA members working in many capacities… including helping out at “the RSA table” at gun shows. Contact RSA Director Corey Creamer and tell him you want to help.

Until next time….



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