The First Quarter 2008 From The Editor, Roy Marcot

To All RSA Members,

A new year is upon us and your Board of Directors have
planned an exciting year of Remington-related activities. By
the time you receive this Journal we will already have completed
our Annual Member’s Meeting at the Winter Antique
Arms Show in Las Vegas. Certificates of Appreciation were
awarded to Bob & Sue Creamer (former RSA Treasurer and
Secretary), to Ed Hull (former RSA Director) and to Bob
Hatfield (former RSA Secretary and Director).

We will continue to be an active presence at many major
gun shows in 2008, including the IIA Cartridge Show in St.
Louis in March, the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville in
May, the Colorado Gun Show in Denver in May, and the NRA
sanctioned National Gun Collector’s Show in Minneapolis in
August. Our thanks go out to RSA members who unselfishly
man the displays, including Doug Drummond, Rudy Johnson,
David Fagan, Chuck Doty, Billy and Chris Smith, and Jeff
Taylor, among others.

RSA President Rich Shepler has planned an excellent
program for the 13th Annual RSA Historical Seminar, to be
held in Louisville, Kentucky in early October. Special, in-depth
tours of the Frazier International Firearms Museum are
planned, as well as informative and interesting lectures on
“things Remington”. Plan now to attend this wonderful

RSA Director Garland Jackson informs us that his close
friend, RSA member Bill Furnish passed away. Bill was a friend
to many Remington collectors. And we have just learned of
the passing of fellow collector Paul Janke. And in October we
lost one of Remington’s finest artists – Bob Kuhn (see article
on page 23 of this Journal).


Your Board of Directors approved an aggressive plan for
the four RSA Journals in 2008, including more color pages
within. I am especially thankful to Mike Strietbeck – RemShots,
Ed Hull – The Remington Bookshelf, Mark Eddy – RemFacts,
and Rich Shepler – Locked & Loaded. Thanks, too, to RSA
members who write the marvelous articles that grace these

Two new Remington books are scheduled to come out
this year. Doug Drummond, Rudy Johnson, Jim Barnard and
E.J. Williams have combined their talents to produce “Dr.
William Elliot’s Remington Double Derringer”
being laid out
by Jeff Millet of Graphic Publishers. This 200 page, full color
book will be out by mid year. the second book to be published
in 2008 will be “Remington Rolling Block Rifles, Carbines &
by Roy Marcot and Jay Lewis, with graphic
layouts by Ron Paxton. The first of three volumes will be
“Remington Sporting and Target Rifles” which will include
all varieties of rolling blocks.

I encourage you to help out at one of the upcoming gun
shows listed on page 55 of this Journal. Helping out for only
an hour or so gives a great relief to the RSA table holder… as I
know first hand. Besides, you’ll enjoy the experience and will
meet a lot of interesting people. I also encourage you to
attend the 13th Annual RSA Historical Seminar, which will be
held in Louisville. If you haven’t attended one of our seminars
before, you’ll be hooked after coming just once!
All in all, it is shaping up to be a good year for the
Remington Society. I look forward to seeing you in person

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