The First Quarter 2007 LOCKED AND LOADED …

Words From RSA President Rich Shepler

To All RSA Members,
Best wishes for everything in the New Year for you
and yours. This is traditionally a time for us to reflect on the
past year and make resolutions for the new one. It is no
different for your Remington Society, and even more so than
usual this year as we are beginning RSAs Silver Anniversary
25th year!

These wonderful things are
all due to the efforts of a number of dedicated individuals
working together. Each of you as individuals can also
contribute to the advancement of our hobby during this year
by getting involved in Sharing the History, either in
conjunction with RSA or independently. Display your
Remingtons at a local gun show or assist
someone who is doing so.


Last year, 2006, was a sad one
for us as we lost several dear, old
friends who were instrumental in
building the RSA to what it is today.
Some of these giants included Leon
Wier, Slim Kohler, Jerry Swinney, Jim
Cohen, Dr. Harry Parker, and Dick
Baldwin. We owe each of them a great

Participate in
the upcoming RSA seminar in Utah this
coming September. Contribute an article to
the RSA Journal. Contact collectors with
like interests from the RSA Collecting
Interest List to share information. Show
your collection to younger collectors (20
and 30 year


of gratitude for what they did to
help preserve Remington history.
On the positive side, RSA was
well represented at a number of gun
shows throughout the nation, with
several of our members receiving
awards and recognition for their
Remington displays. These included
Dave Fagan and J. D. Hofer respectively at the NRA Annual
Meeting and NRA National Gun Collectors Shows. Loren
Dunham sponsored the new RSA exhibit at the Remington
Museum in Ilion. Thanks to our editor, we had four great
issues of the RSA Journal. Several important Remington
collections were sold at auction in 2006, presenting us with
opportunities to acquire wonderful pieces for our own


Our goal is to make 2007 the best year ever for the
RSA, and to start off our second 25 years with truly
positive momentum. This mega-issue, first
quarter Journal is part of our kick off. The special,
Limited Edition RSA Silver Anniversary Bullet
Knife is another benefit available only to RSA
members. Planning is underway for the 12th
Annual RSA Historical Seminar, scheduled for
September 2007 in Ogden, Utah. Its focus
will be on Browning designed


Get involved with an
RSA project. Teach a youngster to shoot.
Support pro-gun legislators, officials and
laws. And recruit new members for the

What we do is not as important as
doing something. Our gun collecting
hobby is as good as it is because of all the
individuals interested in the things we
study and collect. If each of you does even one extra thing
during the year to advance our organization, at the end of the
year the Remington Society will be significantly better for
your efforts and your collective enjoyment will have increased.

Best regards for this new year,

Rich Shepler

RSA President

guns, with our visit to the John Browning
Museum. RSA members are working on
exhibits for important gun shows
during the year, and I know the
remaining three Journals will continue
the level of excellence which
has made it the finest publication of
its type in the firearms collecting
world. And lastly, David Fagan has
done an outstanding job with the
RSA Web site. Month by month it
continues to improve and brings in
many new members each year.

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