The First Quarter 2007 From The Editor, Roy Marcot

Dear RSA Members,

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of our wonderful
gun collecting organization. Karl Moldenhauers dream
became Fritz Baehrs dream… which became Leon Wiers
dream… which became a reality for us all. This issue of the
RSA Journal celebrates the achievements of dedicated
individuals over the past twenty-five years, which culminated
in the preservation of all things Remington!

Several months ago the Board of Directors asked us
to produce a very special RSA Journal to commemorate our
first Silver Anniversary! It was decided that the magazine be
about one-hundred pages in length, not the usual 40 to 60
pages. Secondly, we decided to print a full-color section in
this mega-Journal containing photographs of RSAs
history. In these pictures youll see Remington Society icons
like the aforementioned individuals, and others such as Slim
Kohler, Jerry Swinney, Jay Huber, Gordon Stanley, and
others. Another section of this issue gives a bio on each of
RSAs current leaders and allows them to tell you about
themselves and their plans for the RSA in the future.

For this issue, Ed Hull, our Book Review Manager,
not only wrote a review of John McAulays new book on
Civil War Carbines (see page 95), but compiled a thorough
list of Remington-related books. Each is briefly reviewed and
valuated to guide you in choosing books for your gun
collecting library. Each book is subjectively given a rating…
from one to five stars.

We are especially thankful to the RSA members who
wrote articles for this large edition of the Journal. We know
that you will find some interesting facts about the history of
Americas Oldest Gunmaker. Thanks also go to Mark
Eddy, who expanded his enjoyable and informative
RemFacts column for this special issue. And special
thanks go out to our advertisers who have stuck with us over
the years and watched us grow from 30 members to over 600!

In 1994, RSA VP Jay Huber came up with the
concept of having a historical seminar each year at a different
Remington-related site. To date, we have held eleven RSA
Historical Seminars in numerous locations throughout the
United States. A few years ago, Rich Shepler took over from
Jay and has coordinated the meetings ever since. This year
the seminar will take place in mid-September in Ogden, Utah,
home of the John Browning Museum. The Creamers are
assisting Rich with all the details including tours, hotel
choice, banquet meals and transportation. It is not too early
to contact Rich Shepler and tell him you are coming.

2006 was the first year that the Remington Society
concentrated on manning a table at every major gun show in
the U.S. RSA members responded to the call and with Bob
Pryors help, set up tables or booths bearing the Remington
Society banner. Many new members were recruited through
their efforts.

2007 marks the start of my 17th year as Editor of the
RSA Journal. I could not have done this without the help of
RemShots (Mike Strietbeck), RemFacts (Mark Eddy), Locked
& Loaded (Rich Shepler), RemingtonBookshelf (Ed Hull), and
numerous other individuals including the Creamers and Julie
Clark. Enjoy this issue…

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