The First Quarter 2006 RSA Journal

Photo of the First Quarter 2006 Issue of the RSA Journal

First Quarter 2006
RSA Journal

In This Issue …

From The Editor, Roy Marcot

  • RemShots

    • Remington Products Made in Canada
    • Sam Walton Special M1100 Shotguns
    • Remington No.3 “Smoot’s Patent” Revolvers
    • Remington Target Throwers
    • Martialially Marked M31 Shotguns
    • Remington Model 1887 Shotguns
    • Remington Model 7600 Slide-Action Rifles
    • Cased Remington Double Action Revolvers
    • Remington Model Model 14 Rifles
    • Bonnie & Clyde’s Remington Model 8
    • U.S. Marine Corps M40 Sniper Rifle
    • Remington Firearms For Korea
    • Remington NM Army Revolver Markings
    • Remington No.1 Sporting Rifles

  • A New Loog at the Remington Model 81 Safety
    by Jim Bailer & John Henwood

  • The Remington Research Team

  • An Early “Nook & Cranny” M14 Rifle
    by Loren Dunham

  • A Visit to the Remington Firearms Museum
    by Gene Myszkowski
  • The Remington Bookshelf
    “Remington Large-Bore Conversions”

    by Book Review Editor Ed Hull

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