The First Quarter 2004 RSA Journal

Photo of the First Quarter 2004 Issue of the RSA Journal

First Quarter 2004
RSA Journal

In This Issue …

From The Editor, Roy Marcot

  • RemShots

    • Remington RH-72P Sheath Knife
    • Eliphalet Remington Statue
    • Remington Model 600 Magnum Carbine
    • Remington “Light” Baby Carbine
    • Remington New York State Military Rigle
    • Remington New Model Pocket Revolver
    • Rem-UMC Model 1914 “rolling block” Rifle
    • Remington-Lee Model 1882 Rifle
    • .30 Remington Ammunition
    • Remington-Hepburn Sporting Rifles

  • Variations in Remington Model 1875, Model
    1888 and Model 1890 Revolvers

    by Don Ware

  • A Remington With a Past!

    by Larry Weinbrenner

  • Did You Know Remington Made…
    “Vending Machines”

  • The Remington Bookshelf
    “The Are of Remington Arms”

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The Last Word, by RSA President George Slatten

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