The 2nd Third Rem-Thoughts… RSA President Roy Marcot

To my fellow members of the RSA,

Yet another year is coming to a close and it gives us pause to reflect on where we’ve come and where we want to go. We topped 700 members this year, a slow but steady growth, despite being in a troublesome economy. Now, 700 members might not seem like much, but our cadre of members are dedicated to collecting and preserving “all things Remington.”

As the Remington Company approaches its 200th Anniversary in 2016, we see that the company has been involved with many varied products over the past two cen- turies. No other gun company comes close to this achieve- ment. Just a few products come to mind include:

  • sporting arms for the civilian trade (pistols,
    rifles, carbines and shotguns)
  • military firearms for the defense of our
    country and other governments
  • sporting ammunition (rimfire, centerfire and
  • ammunition for the military (from .22 rimfire
    to artillery shells)
  • sporting knives and other cutlery (1921 to
  • typewriters (Remington developed and
    manufactured the first production typewriter
    in 1873)
  • sewing machines (thousands produced from 1872
    through the 1890s)
  • agricultural implements (1840s through the
  • horse powered fire engines (1880s)
  • iron bridges (1850s and ‘60s)
  • electric dynamos and lighting systems for
    Westinghouse (1885)
  • cash registers (2nd only to the National Cash
    Register Company in the 1920s)
  • stock market tote machines (1920s)
  • coin-operated vending machines (1920s)
  • kiln guns (1920s through present)
    • archery bows
  • illuminated fishing lures (prototypes only)
  • industrial and personal use tools of all types
    (1951 to 1969)
  • bicycles (1890s)
  • clay targets (1930s through the 1990s)
  • bench rest target scopes for rifles (1969-’70)
  • fishing lines (Stren Products)

It will be interesting to see how the Remington Com- pany wants to utilize RSA’s historical knowledge as 2015 enfolds. Surely, a companies’ 200 years in business is a milestore few can lay claim to. In fact, Remington very well might be the oldest company in America still making its original product!


OK, then… Where was the RSA in 2014, and what did we accomplish?

  • We conducted our 33rd Annual Member’s Meeting
    at the Antique Arms Show in Las Vegas in January. Over four dozen members attended this meeting. The RSA booth at the gun show was a popular meeting place for Remington collectors.
  • RSA Director Dan Pozarek was in charge of the
    RSA table at the Maryland Arms Collector’s Show in Baltimore in March.
  • A month later Dan represented the RSA at the Annual NRA Meeting in Indianapolis, receiving two presti gious awards for his firearms.
  • On September 23rd, about four dozen RSAers met in Cody, Wyoming, for the 18th Annual RSA Historical Seminar. Coordinated by RSA Director Chip Kloos.
  • Throughout 2014, the Southern California contingent of RSA Members held mini-meetings to discuss Soci ety activities and display their Remingtons.

    OK, where are we headed? The Board of Directors is committed to funding and supporting all of the activities which were so successful in 2014. This activity requires hard work by many of our leaders and members, and more should “step up to the plate” in 2015. Every success- ful organization thrives on the people who step forward to help get the job done.

    • A name change? It has come to our attention that our official name – the Remington Society of America – may not adequately inform others of who we are and what we do. The Board recommends an informal modification so that our banners, signs, letterhead, business cards and envelopes would read:

      An Organization For Remington Collectors
    • RSA Board Leaders are now investigating awarding monetary compensation to any RSA member who of- ficially represents the club at the NRA Annual Member’s Meeting and at the NRA Gun Collector’s Show each year.
    • Active RSA member Trader Jeff Veselenek is follow- ing up on RSA member Andy Anderson’s recommendation for the RSA to conduct periodic “Shoots” using Remington products! Issues regarding liability insurance, range availability, and types of arms to be fired are all being investigated at this time.

    I want to close my column this year by thanking all
    of the hard-working, volunteer leaders of our wonderful organization. You have my heart-felt thanks for all you do to make belonging to this club so enjoyable and educational for all.

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