RSA’s 24th Annual Historical Seminar Knight’s Armament – Titusville, Florida

With the 24th RSA Annual Historical Seminar finally in the books I am proud to say that it was worth the wait! Knight’s Armament holds one of the most breathtaking collections in private hands. With the largest privately owned Gatling gun collections, a U.S. Firearms Hall ranging from Revolutionary War weapons to modern day. The International Firearms Exhibit consisting of frearms from around the world, along with a stunning tribute to Eugene Stoner and let’s not forget over 60 mil- itary vehicles that host the largest privately owned tank collection. There was something for everyone to see.

Presentations were provided by Roy Marcot, Dan Pozarek, Ed Hull and Reed Knight. Roy Marcot’s presenta- tion was about the Remington Arms Co. Archives and how the RSA was instrumental in it’s conception and preserva- tion, Dan Pozarek talked about the Remington Model 1890 revolvers, Ed Hull informed our members about the early No.1 Remington “Rolling Block”, and Reed Knight gave a exciting speech on his fascinating life’s journey.

This year’s seminar allowed our members to set up some amazing displays, most notably George McCallister’s

Austin Ellis returned to Knight’s Armament to guide our RSA attendees through
Mr. Knight’s museum.
John Lacy inspects one of the museum’s many Gatling Guns.
C. Reed Knight, our host. (center front) poses in front of our Nation’s Flag, along with the The seminar attendees who enjoyed his magnificent factory and arms museum.
Julius Lorentzon asks Austin Ellis a question.
Ed Hull and Reed Knight
Rich and Teresa Shepler greet the attendees.
Reed admires Ed’s exhibit of early, prototype Remington “rolling block” carbines and rifess
Curator of the Museum’s Armor Collection, Joe McClain, gave our attendees a personal tour of the many tanks and armored vehicles
Ken Smith takes a closer look.
RSA President Ed Taddeo got an inside look.
Larry Moody’s display of “The Little Guns of Remington”.
C. Reed Knight welcomed the attendees and gave them an understanding of how Knight’s Armament came about.
Mr. Knight especially enjoyed relating his
close working relationship with Eugene Stoner, and how he was able
to reconstruct Stoner’s workshop and acquire so many of Stoner’s prototype firearms
George & Myra McAllister’s collection of Remington Large Frame, Single-Action Revolvers.

award winning NRA display on Remington Single-Action Revolvers (Models 1875, 1888 & 1890). Along with outstand- ing displays from Larry Moody, Ed Hull, Tom Gross, Dan Pozarek and Mike Alsop.

A big “thank you” to Rich Shepler for taking over auctioneer duties this year (we missed you, Joe). Rich kept the attendees captivated and enjoying themselves. Of course, we could not have had an auction without the generosity of the RSA members who donated so many great items! It is un- selfish gestures like these that makes the Remington Society and it members stand out above the rest.

We would like to give a special “thank you” to the following people at Knight’s Armament. First and formost, to Reed Knight for hosting this year’s seminar and sharing his amazing arms collection with the RSA attendees. He made

our people feel at home with outstanding hospitality. A huge “thank you” also
goes to Corporate Assistant Ginger Roberge who made my job as seminar coordinator a breeze. Ginger’s attention to detail and helpful suggestions made this years seminar a snap! “Thank you,” too, to Bernie Breighner for all the help he provided for all the behind-the-scenes actions. “Thank you” to Mr. Knight’s talented curators and histori- ans (past and present) Austin Ellis, Jake Card, & Joe McClain for sharing their knowl- edge and experiences with our RSA members on our private tours. And “thank you” to the facility photographer. And last, but certainly not least, a thank you to Sue Walker for helping with day to day preparations and making sure we had everything we needed to give our RSA members another outstanding seminar. I could not have done it without the help from Mr. Knight’s talented staff. I truly appreciate your help

Mike Alsop
Vice President & Seminar Coordinator