Remington Society – 1982 to 2007

he year 2007 marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Remington Society of America. The past quarter-century has brought this outstanding organization from a humble beginning on February 5, 1982, to becoming one of the worlds finest gun collecting groups in 2007!

Here is the chronological history of the most important events of our organization:

  • The Gun Report magazine of December 1981 had a feature article on page 34 by Fritz Baehr regarding the upcoming formation of the Remington Society of

  • The Constitution of the Remington Society of America was drafted on January 29, 1982.
  • The charter meeting of the Remington Society of America was held at the Antique Arms Show at
    • The Karl Moldenhauer Auction of Remington firearms was on October 29, 1980. A discussion was held between several Remington collectors about setting up a Remington collectors group, a dream of Karl which he shared with his close friend Fritz Baehr.

    Karl Moldenhauer and Fritz Baehr
    – 1980 –
    the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas on February 5, 1982. Twenty-eight charter members were in attendance, including: Wayne Haas, Mel Brewster, Randy Squire, Bob Lyles, Ray Breckenridge, Jerry Landskron, Bill Furnish, Ron Gillmaker, Gordon Stanley, Roger Arther, Chuck Doty,
  • In April 1981 a group of Remington devotees met at the Colorado Gun Collectors Annual Meeting at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. They continued the discussion about forming a collectors group.
  • In May 1981, a group met at the Great Western Show in Los Angeles to discuss the idea of organizing such a collectors club. It was decided that this organization should be fun, and that socializing and making new friends border to border and coast to coast with a common Remington interest was one of the foremost motivating factors. It was decided to hold the first official meeting of the Remington Society of America in Las Vegas at the Winter 1982 show.
  • Fritz Baehr wrote several letters over the next few months outlining the organization of the club, and mailing notices to various Remington collectors.
  • Bob Whiteside, Gerry Denning, Ray Giles, Jay Huber, Elliot Burka, Mr. Burton, Herb Glass Jr., Frank Sellers, JD Hofer, Bob Allen, Slim Kohler, Charles Schif, Leon Wier Jr., Dick Littlefield, Jack Appel, Fritz Baehr, Doc Spyridon, Gordon Fosburg, Don Ware, Jay and Peggy Lewis.

  • The initial officers elected were:
        RSA President – Fritz Baehr
        RSA VP – East Coast – Charles Schif
        RSA VP – West Coast – Jerry Landskron
        RSA Secretary/Treasurer – Ray Breckenridge
        RSA Director – Elliot Burka
        RSA Director – Gordon Fosburg
        RSA Director – Randy Squire
        RSA Director – Gordon Stanley
        RSA Director – Leon Wier, Jr.
        RSA Director – Doc Spyridon

  • Page 41 1st Quarter 2007 – RSA’s 25 Anniversary

    Karl Moldengauer (left) accepts a Remington Model XP-100 as 1st prize amont Remington exhibits at the Winter Antique Arms Show in Las Vegas in February 1982. Also accepting awards is Bill Locke (3rd from left) and Leon Wier (4th from left). Dick Baldwin, Remington’s Advertising Manager, is at far right.
  • In March 1991, Slim Kohler, Jay Lewis and Roy Marcot were at the Remington Museum at the Remington factory in Ilion, New York. Their research quest ended as it usually did, at the museum. Those seeking Remington records were told: There are no records… they were destroyed years ago. The onlyinformation we have is here in the museum.Well, this all changed during this visit, when company historian Jack Heath and Manager of Consumer Affairs Ken Green got permission from Plant Manager John Winski to show the boys the real records.
    • Over the next few years, Annual meetings of the Remington Society of America were held at every Winter Antique Arms Show in Las Vegas. Fritz Baehr wrote periodic letters to the membership on various Remington historical topics, mostly about E. Remington & Sons.
    • Fritz Baehr served as Founding RSA President until he stepped down for Gordon Stanleys presidency in January 1988.
    • In March 1987 Ed Hull volunteered to be the first RSA Newsletter Editor. He compiled articles from the members and laid them out on his word processor program and glued in pictures onto all sides of a 11″ by 17″ sheet of folded paper… to produce a four-page, photocopied newsletter. Roy Marcot volunteered the photocopy machine at his work to run off 200 copies every quarter. Roy confessed that on the day before Ed came over to run off the Newsletter, he would call in the Xerox serviceman to fine tune the photocopier to tip-top shape!
    • In early 1991, Ed asked Roy to take over the job as RSA Newsletter Editor. Roys first product was the issue entitled April 1991. It was 8 pages in length and was printed on a printing press by Roys friend John Ewald, who was top salesman at his printing company. The membership liked the idea of a professionally printed publication, so every issue thereafter was done so. Thus began quarterly publications of the RSA Newsletter. The name of the publication was changed to the RSA Journal in the 1st Quarter 1992. Roy has served as Journal Editor ever since, and has now started his sixteenth year.
    They were taken deep into the bowels of the factory to a 800 square foot L-shaped room. When the triple-locked door was unbolted the men were treated to quite a sight! The room was a hodge-podge of cabinets, boxes, blueprints and loose papers… and a pile of papers in the middle of the far room about three feet high and about 9 feet in diameter. The men were given one hour to peruse the records …. after which time the door was bolted shut and the men were told they were

    “The room that doesn’t exist!”
    The original records storage room in early 1991.

    Page 42 1st Quarter 2007 – RSA’s 25 Anniversary

    Slim Kohler and the other reseachers were given one hour to view the original Remington records.

    Looking over the original Remington records
    are (from left) Jay Lewis, Chuck Ducanic and
    Jack Heath.

    The original records.

    shown the room that doesnt exist. So stated
    because if the men told anyone else about the room, it
    would be closed to them forever. In other words… it
    didnt exist. Going home, Roy put together a plan, and soon after
    presented it to Remington management… The Remington
    Society could put together a research team which
    would travel to Ilion on their own nickel and would work
    on the Remington records… categorize them, preserve
    them, and put them in order. Management
    agreed with the plan, and Roy hand-picked a
    small group of dedicated individuals including
    Jack Heath (historian), Leon Wier (E. Remington
    & Sons pistols), Slim Kohler (ERS pistols), Jay
    Huber (double-barrel shotguns and ERS
    firearms), Jane Spellman (Director of the
    Herkimer County Historical Society),

    John Lacy(modern Remington bolt action rifles) and Jerry Swinney (early Remington history – prior to
    1860). On Remingtons part, new plant manager VP Sam Rensi dedicated a new room for the Remington Archives and brought in open rack shelving and acid-free boxes and other materials. Importantly, he moved Kevin Cornell over from Consumer Services to become the Remington Archives Manager and hired Janice Estay as Conservator. Janice had recently graduated from Ohio State in their museum conservator program – the right person for the job at hand. Working full time, Kevin and Janice brought down the mountain of records from the storage room and placed them in boxes and began the task of putting tens of thousands
    of records in order. RSAs newly formed Research Team traveled back to the new Remington Archives every year for a week of work, and slowly additional team members were added,

    Page 43 1st Quarter 2007 – RSA’s 25 Anniversary

    including Lou Behling (ammunition), Ed Hull (rolling block development), and Gene Myszkowski (Rem-Lee rifles and modern Remington slide-action and autoloading rifles). Later, other historical experts were invited to join the team, including Bob, Sue and Corey Creamer, Ken Blauch, Loren Dunham, Mark Eddy and Rich Shepler. The team now numbers fourteen dedicated individuals, each with a different Remington expertise: early Remington history, Civil War revolvers, hunting rifles, catalogs and brochures, modern shotguns, etc. One or two week-long research trip s are made by the team members to the Remington gun factory in Ilion, New York each year, and to the Remington ammunition plant in Lonoke, Arkansas, less frequently.

  • In 1992 the Remington Society of America consisted of 200 members, and Leon Wier was elected President a position he held for eleven glorious years. Under his leadership the Remington Society grew in status and stature.
  • In 1995, the first RSA Annual Historical Seminar was held at the home of Remington – Ilion, New York. This, and the next ten seminars were ably coordinated by Jay and Hannelore Huber.
  • The Remington Society holds annual historical seminars each year, to better educate its membership in things Remington! The three-day seminars are conducted at locations important to the history of Remington. Over the past six years attendees have seen the original Remington Homestead (dating back to 1810), the site of the first Remington Forge, the location of the first manufacturing plant, and the facility where billions of rounds of ammunition are made each year.

    1st Seminar – Remington factory – Ilion, New York July 1994
    The very first RSA Historical Seminar was held in Ilion, New York, the birthplace of Remington Arms Company. Our hosts were Remington VP Sam Rensi and Manager Dennis Sanita. Activities included plant tours, and visits to the Remington homestead, the Remington Forge site, and historical lectures.
    2nd Seminar – Remington Ammunition Plant – Lonoke, Arkansas July 1995
    The very next Historical Seminar was held at the Remington ammunition plant. Act ivities included an in-depth plant tour of rimfire, centerfire and shotshell lines, a tour of the shot tower, unlim ited skeet and trap shooting at the Remington range, and a pig roast! Our hosts were Remington VP Paul Cahan and Supervisor Vi nce Scarlat.

    Page 44 1st Quarter 2007 – RSA’s 25 Anniversary

    RSA’s 2nd Annual Historical Seminar was held at Remington’s Ammunition Plant in Lonoke, Arkansas in the summer of 1995.

    RSA’s 4th Annual Historcal Seminar was held at the Cody Firearms Museum in September 1997. Seen here are Howie Madaus (Curator), Ed Hull and Roy Marcot.

    Rich Shepler gives Sue Creamer expert instructions at Remington’s Skeet Range at the 7th Annual Historical Seminar at Remington’s Ammunition Plant in September of 2001
    RSA’s 11th Annual Historcal Seminar was held at the Springfield Armory in July 2005. Here a Park Service tour guide addresses several attendees.

    Page 45 1st Quarter 2007 – RSA’s 25 Anniversary

    In 2004, RSA memberJum Ciolli was in charge of the Remington Society display booth at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Om 2006, RSA Web site Manager David Fagan and Charter member Chuck Doty manned the Remington Society booth at the NRA Annual Meeting in Milwaukee.
    An early photo show the RSA sign-up table at a Far West Gun Collecotrs Show in Santa Ana, California in 1990. Seated (from left) are Leon Wier, Gene Herrick, Roy Marcot and Ed Hull. Standing are Don Ware and Slim Kohler.

    Having a good time at Leon’s house (circa 2001) are Jay, John Gyde, Leon, Slim, Jack, Ted Bell and (in back) Roy.

    In 2005, former RSA President Gordon Stanley was in charge of the Remington Society booth at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas. Here he is accepting and award from NRA Museum Curator Phil Schreier for his exhibit of “Pipe Cased Remingtons.”

    Page 46 1st Quarter 2007 – RSA’s 25 Anniversary

    Slim Kohler frequently displayed his collection of Large-frame Remington revolvers. Quite often he was assisted by his buddy, Leon Wier. This photo is circa 2000, but the venue is not known.

    3rd Seminar – Remington factory – Ilion, New York July 1996
    This year the group returned to the Remington factory and we were again hosted b y VP Sam Rensi and Manager Dennis Sanita.
    4th Seminar – Cody Firearms Museum – Cody, Wyoming September 1997
    The Historical Seminar was held here to allow attendees to enjoy The Exhibit of Remington Firearms – the finest collection of Remingtons ever assembled. Our host was Cody Firearms Museum Curat or Howie Madaus.
    5th Seminar – Remington factory – Ilion, New York September 1999
    By popular request, attendees returned to Ilion again this year. We were hostedby Managers Dennis Sanita and Fred Supry.
    6th Seminar – Jekyll Island Museum, Georgia August 15-17, 2000
    In the summer of 2000 RSA was invited to exhibit Remington firearms that were re levant to an island on the coast of Southern Georgia in the late 19th and early 20th Century. The exhibit was entitled: THE H UNT: Game, Guns and Gentlemen of Jekyll Island, and was on display from May through August 2000. The island is im portant in Remington history because two of its owners had summer homes on Jekyll Island: Marcellus Hartley and Marce llus Hartley Dodge. Remington arms owned by RSA members and sold by the company between 1888 and 1933 were on display all summer long.
    7th Seminar – Remington Ammunition Plant – Lonoke, Arkansas September 26-28, 2001
    This year marked a return to Remingtons ammunition plant. Activities included a n in-depth plant tour, skeet and trap shooting at the Remington range, and a banquet pig roast! Our hosts were Remingt on VP Paul Cahan and Supervisor Vince Scarlata.
    8th Seminar – Remington factory – Ilion, New York July 2002
    This year marked the fourth visit to the Remington factory by the seminar group.

    Seminar – Cody Firearms Museum – Cody, Wyoming July 30th – August 1st, 2003
    The group returned to Cody to enjoy the opening of Slim Kohlers exhibit of high quality pistols of E. Remington & Sons.
    10th Seminar – NRA National Museum, Fairfax, Virginia July 28th – August 1st, 2004
    The RSA was invited to hold its seminar at the NRA headquarters, and we were hos ted by NRA President Sandy Froman, Whit Fentem, Phil Schreier and Doug Wicklund.
    11th Seminar – Springfield Armory Museum – Springfield, Massachusetts July 13th
    – 15th, 2005 The seminar was held in Springfield, Massachusetts, and featured in-depth tours of the Armory firearms collection, a tour of the Smith & Wesson factory, and numerous related lectures.

    Page 47 1st Quarter 2007 – RSA’s 25 Anniversary

    Former RSA Presidenst Gordon Stanley and Fritz Baehr string a serious pose while looking over RSA’s earliest records – February 2005.

    Two of those who know their large-frame Remingtons JD Hofer and Don Ware.


    The Remington Society now consists of more then six-hundred dedicated
    collectors, shooters, hunter and historians. The future is bright, and
    this growing organization promises to do even more to foster and understand
    of guns that our soldiers carried in the war, and out fathers and
    grandfathers carried as hunters in the gield… Joins us as we continue

    RSA Show coordination Manager Bob Pryor shares a private jode with RSA Secretary Sue Creamer at the 2005 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas

    Jas and Hannelore Huber coordinated the first ten of RSA’s Annual Seminars. Here they are seen at the 7th Seminar in Lonoke, Arkansas in September 2001.

    Page 48 1st Quarter 2007 – RSA’s 25 Anniversary

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