Remington “Palma” Match .22 Ammunition

After the end of WWWI there was an increase in the popularity of both ourdoor and indoor
target shooting promoted by both the National Rifle Association and the military. Matches
at Camp Perry and Sea Grit were two of the largets, but others were held all over the United States
as well as international competitions. E. C. Crossman reported in his book,
“The truth is, that in 1920, Remington was no making very good
small bore ammunition.” (Dunn, 1988, THE .22 BOX, Vol 4 No. 1). Remington did not take long to
correct this perception.

Palma is the Latin work for palm tree which to the Romans meant victory and/or ultimate in excellence
(NRA 2010). The first Palma Match was a long range international march where contestants fired at ranges
from 800 to 1,000 years. This march was held in 1876 between the United States and Great Britain. The
Palma Match gain in popularity and is still conducted today. The Palma Match gained a reputation for being the ultimate in marksmanship: as a result Remington selected it as the name for their new line of .22 rimfire match ammunition.

Remington may not have had the stellar reputation that the Peters Cartridge Company or the United States Cartridge
Company had, but they did have an outstandingmarketing department. Remington introduced Palma Match in 1921 with large advertisements (often in color) appearing in all the shooting magazines. In these advertisements Remington Clammed that world records were being set by using Palma Match and if a competitor hoped to win a rifle matches they should use Palma Match Ammunition.

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