Remington-Elliot Ring Trigger .32 Derringer

What they forgot to tell you…
by Fritz Baehr

Hats off to William Elliott! What an inventor, and did he ever leave wonderful toys for Remington collectors? “Yes”, we must reply, and here is a list of those handsome little collectables. There is the Double Derringer, and the Elliot single shot Mississippi, both .41 rimfire. There are three Ring Triggers. Yes, that’s correct, three: the Zig Zag .22, the .22 Elliot five-shot, and the .32 Elliot four-shot – all rimfires.

Flayderman in his 8th Edition does a really nice job with his descriptions of his Remington big ones and little ones.
Particularly he

tells us that the four shot .32 rimfire Ring-Trigger Derringer was produced circa 1863 to 1888. He alludes to a total production estimated to be 17,500. With that number, why don’t we see more of them on dealer’s tables at the gun shows around the country or in their advertisements in the antique arms magazines?

In my several years of pounding the floors in front of show tables, my recollection is that very few of this particular Remington survived and showed up with any frequency.

Part two of the question is what kind of finish was on those that did appear? “Finish” brings up some other considerations. Were the few you observed over the years blue, or were they nickel? Were any you saw possibly two-tone, blue barrel cluster and nickel frames. Oh yes! What were the grips? Were they possibly walnut, hard rubber, or ivory or pearl, and maybe rosewood? All of these were available. By the way, while we mention grips, did you ever pay any attention to the letter “B” on the left side of the frame, just above the top of the left grip panel. It is found on almost all of this model derringer – but not always.

So now you know most everything about the Remington-Elliot four shot .32 Derringer. Whoops, we overlooked something. Did we mention special finish of silver plating with gold trim, engraved in conventional New York style of beautiful scrolls or the ultimate, with exposition engraving and perhaps gold wash with blue screws, and possibly in its own pipe casing or even a fine, soft leather purse- the kind that snapped shut just like the one grand

Maybe we should consider one additional item, one that never before now has popped up, at least in my observations. What is it? Well, take another look at the two pictures and see what the difference is in the two guns. Yes, you have noticed it, which is how the frame of each gun is different. The frame of one is somewhat higher, where it cradles the barrel cluster, maybe a full quarter of any inch higher, whereas the other frame is only about three sixteenths of an inch high, where it cradles the barrel cluster. All these years and the difference in the frame just passed me by. Remember the letter “B” we just spoke about, the one above the left grip panel on the left side of the frame? Well, it just does not appear on the gun with the lower frame.

Now there may be a desire for you to look at the model of the four shot .32 Ring Trigger Derringer in your own collection to see which one you have. Maybe now you might be in a search to find the other. Could this be an entirely separate model? Perhaps it is.. .I think they forgot to tell us.

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