Remington America’s Oldest Gunmaker by Roy Marcot

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Remington – America’s Oldest


This is the most
comprehensive story ever written about the
Remington Company
and its firearms, ammunition and other products.

Author: Roy
Hardcover – 312 pages – Dust Jacket – Full Color
Copyright 1998 by Remington Arms Company, Inc.

Chapters include:
“The Early Years – 1816 to 1855”
“The E. Remington & Sons Era – 1856 to 1865”
“E. Remington & Sons – The Golden Years”
“E. Remington & Sons – The Rolling Block Story”
“Remington Arms Company – 1888 to 1910”
“Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Company – 1911
to 1918”
“Remington Arms Company, Inc. – Between Wars”
“The Modern Era of Sporting Arms – 1941 to 1998”

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Online: Remington: America’s Oldest Gunmaker (The Official Authorized History of the Remington Arms Company)

Painting of Eliphalet Remington walking to Utica to have his first gun barrel rifled in 1816