Rem-Thoughts… RSA President Roy Marcot

Dear RSA Members,

Anew year is upon us, and the Remington Society
of America has never been better. RSA Secretary/ Treasurer Bill Hansen told me that we have ex- ceeded 650 members… the most we have had in our 33 years as an organization. But with growth come challenges and opportunities. Notably, how do we let others know about the joys of collecting Remington
firearms, and how do we continue to share Remington’s proud history.

A unique opportunity awaits us in less that two years… the 200th An- niversary of the founding of Remington – America’s oldest gunmaker. As far
as we know, Remington is the oldest manufacturer in America still making its original product.

At the SHOT Show in January
we met with Teddy Novin, Remington’s Director of Marketing, to discuss
how the RSA can assist the company
in understanding its 200 year old history. Together we discussed the three past celebrations, including the Cen- tennial celebration in 1916, the 150th Anniversary in 1966, and the 175th Anniversary in 1991. The RSA also shared a large list of products and events that we thought Reming- ton should incorporate into its Bi-Centennial celebration year – 2016. Teddy then asked how his organization could help the RSA to grow. Music to my ears, it was, but more on this important topic in the months to come.

The RSA wants to thank member Bob Huber, the son of revered leader, the late Jay Huber, for donating a number of his father’s historical files to the RSA Archives. Jay is a member on the RSA’s Roll of Honor, and served in many leadership positions over many years, most notably as RSA Seminar Coordinator. Thank you, Bob, for sharing your father’s historical items with us.

The election of RSA Officers & Directors was held in December, and the results are as follows: David Fagan was re-elected as Vice President; Bill Hansen was re-elect- ed Secretary/Treasurer; Corey Creamer was re-elected as Director; and Joel Ziegler was elected as Director, replac- ing the out-going Garland Jackson. Garland has served the RSA well these past many years, and will continue to be a member of the Remington Research Team. Thanks, Garland.

next seminar will be held in Cody, Wyoming, at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West from September 23rd
through the 26th. He has coordinated an exciting pro- gram which will include tours of all five museums in the complex (including the world-renowned Cody Firearms Museum), historical Remington lectures, visits to two nearby gun factories, and attendee displays, sales tables,
raffles, give-aways and auctions. See the two-page announcement elsewhere in this magazine. Please register early to assure your place at this unique seminar.


Our newest RSA Director, Joel Ziegler, is coordinating what we are calling the RSA’s Expert List. This list will be made up of recognized authori- ties in a particular field of Remington firearms, ammunition and/or history. Members on this list will be asked to answer specific questions from our members, from Remington corporate, or from the public. We are looking for your input into this worthwhile project.
If you feel that you should be considered, please contact Joel at (503) 485-2468 (Arizona time) or email him at

Members already on the list include:

  • Mike Strietbeck – Remington Cane Guns and Revolving Rifles
  • Bill Hansen – Remington-made Model 1903, M1903A3 and
    Model !903A4 Rifles, Model 720 Rifles
  • Roy Marcot – Remington Rolling Block Rifles, Carbines & Shotguns
  • Tom Rowe – Remington No.3 Hepburn-Patent Rifles
  • Joe Poyer – Remington-made Model 1911 Autoloading Pistols
  • John Lacy – Remington Model 30, M721, M722, M700 Bolt Action Rifles.
  • Billy Smith – Remington Model 600 and M660 Rifles
  • Joel Ziegler – Remington .22 Rifles (assisted by John Gyde)
  • David Fagan – Remington Elliot “Zig-Zag” and Ring-Trigger Pistols
  • Charlie Semmer – Remington Double Shotguns
  • Doug Drummond and Rudy Johnson – Remington Double Derringers
  • Bob Hatfield – Remington Vest Pocket Pistols and Model 51 Autoloading Pistols
  • Vin Ventura – Pedersen Devices
  • Gene Myszkowski – Remington-Lee Rifles & Carbines and M740 and M760 Rifles
  • Lou Behling – UMC, Rem-UMC, Remington and Peters Ammunition
  • Gordon Fosburg – Remington Advertising
  • Bob Creamer – Model 8 & M81 Autoloading Rifles

Well, That’s about all for now…

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