Hello from Central PA

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Hello from Central PA

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Thanks for adding me to the group. I came across this site while looking for information/resources on a Remington New Model Army that I recently picked up.

Retirement has allowed me to to spend more time at the range than I could while working ... and more time to find things to take to the range :D . Most of what I have accumulated falls into the military surplus category. Trapdoor, Krags, O3's, 03A3's, M1 Carbines, M1 Garand and a couple of hand guns. They're all what most would call shooters - nice for the most part but nothing that will be hurt by shooting them.

I hand load for everything I shoot (except 22's). A year or so ago I started loading black powder loads for the Trapdoor which got me thinking about black powder revolvers and the replica's I had back in the 70's. That led to the 1851 Navy I now have (it shoots better than it looks), and most recently, the New Model Army mentioned above.

This looks like a great site with a wealth of people willing and able to share their knowledge. I'm glad to be here.
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Re: Hello from Central PA

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Welcome to the page from another central PA resident.

There's a wealth of information and knowledgeable members here that should be able to help you get answers to most any questions you have or point you in the right direction.
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Wishing each and every one of you a really excellent day!

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Thrilled to read this! Astonishing understanding and the clarity of fine detail provided is fantastic!
Thanks all of you!
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