model 1875 revolver

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model 1875 revolver

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Attached are photographs of another model 1875 revolver for the data base. It is plated and is .44 W caliber. The loading gate is stamped 280. The number on the grip frame is obliterated with a horizontal stamped line. It starts with 2 and may end with a 0. No other stamps are evident. my assumption is that this is a batch number, if that is incorrect please inform.
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Re: model 1875 revolver

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You are most likely correct that the 280 is a batch number. However, it could also be a revolver from the second serial number set or it could be an original 44 Remington caliber revolver which was re-chambered to 44-40. It is unlikely it is a re-chambered revolver because normally there would be an assembly number on the top of the ejector housing which there isn’t and on the frame to the right of the left grip post which there isn’t. The assembly number was also stamped on the bottom of the barrel and on the rear of the cylinder. That being said I have an Egyptian contract revolver which was re-chambered to 45 caliber and it does not have any assembly numbers.
Your revolver has some parts which were from early revolvers (pinched front sight, early trigger and a trigger guard without bevels) and some which were from later revolvers (conical firing pin, frame rebate, grip caliber mark). The hammer has a conical firing pin and most likely a round top which is a change from the flat top hammer with a rectangular firing pin of the 44 Remington caliber revolvers. In addition there do not seem to be bevels on your hammer like there are on the hammers of later batch processed revolvers. Your revolver seems to have the frame rebate which is also a later change from the original revolvers. When Remington started making revolvers in 44-40 and 45 calibers they stamped the caliber mark on the left grip panel which yours has. They later changed the location to the left frame in front of the cylinder and then the left trigger guard bow.
With all of this said, I would say your revolver is either from the second serial number set or one of the early batch processed revolvers.

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