Newby has questions

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Newby has questions

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Greetings! Thanks for letting join your forum. As an introduction, I am a competitive shooter, hunter, reloader, and collector of vintage firearms. Right now I have 3 nice old Remingtons in my collection (plus a few modern ones). These are a model 721 in .270, 722 in .222, and I recently acquired a very clean model 14 in .30 Remington.

I have a couple of questions on that model 14. It has no letter code on the barrel and a serial number of 90,5xx. Based on what I have read, this gun was manufactured prior to 1921. Is this correct? Can anyone narrow the year of manufacture down a bit?

Also, it has a buckhorn sight. That sight has the same bluing as the barrel. I'm curious if the sight is original. I would think the gun should have a wheel sight, but am new to the model 14. What do the experts here think?

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Re: Newby has questions

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fixed :roll:
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