40XB repeater approx build date

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40XB repeater approx build date

Post by Packrat1947 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:49 pm

Hello, This is my first posting to this site.

In 1981, I bought a 40XB .308 repeater bbl. action out of Shotgun News. Bbl. length was the normal 27-1/4". The bbl. is stamped 7.62 NATO. There is no date code on the bbl.

Can anyone look at this a give me an approx. build date? The stock originally came off a 40XR (rimfire) rifle - so it is of no consequence. This rifle was used in High Power, and as a Palma gun. I eventually cut the chamber off, and rechambered.

So I would like your thoughts and comments about this action. The action is completely bone stock. The bolt is hand engraved with the action number. Thanks for any help.
40X Repeater ad_300dpi_blocked out.jpg
Left side receiver- resized.jpg
40X Repeater test loads05252018.jpg
40X Repeater test group05252018.jpg
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