Model 1889 choke determination

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Model 1889 choke determination

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On the Model 1889 it has the 2 digit numbers stamped on the barrel lugs. I see in the Remington Shotgun Doubles book they have a chart on page 262 showing the number under a percentage heading for different sized loads. My question is, how do the percentages relate to choke? There are 3 columns, 40%, 60%, and 75%, are these supposed to represent cylinder, mod, and full? And if my percentage is say close to, but not in the 75% column for instance, is it improved mod? I have read and reread this section, and I just don't fully understand. I am a long time muzzle loader shooter and relatively new to modern shotguns (1889 is modern to me LOL), and I am trying to learn these types of things.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this for me.

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Re: Model 1889 choke determination

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Remington would usually stamp three character numbers on the lugs to indicate degree of choke. If only two numbers are stamped a leading 3 is assumed. Remington used a load of 1 1/4 oz of #8 shot (511 pellets) to target a 30" circle at 40 yds. So divide your stamped number by 511 and you will have the percent pellets in the circle and the degree of choke.

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Re: Model 1889 choke determination

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Modern shotgun chokes use to change every .005 of the muzzle being smaller than the bore.
.015= L. Mod [ or years ago skeet out ]
.025=imp. mod.
Now a days there is also lite full, extra full, turkey - some call .030 lite full and .035 full, .040 extra full
There's also a skeet 1 and skeet 2 - usually .005 and .008 - could vary.
So yes, your choke could be in between.

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