Remington Secret Service Kknives.

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Remington Secret Service Kknives.

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Looking for some info on 3 knives I have; Remington knives "U.S. Secret Service Regional Police Pistol Match" There are 3 of them 1989 -1991. '89 is a Bullet Knife, R1306. '90 is a Bullet Knife, R1128 and '91 is a Mini-TrapperR1178. All are NIB with all paperwork. The blade of each knife is acid etched with the year, the words quoted above with the Secret Service emblem on the blade. I was told that the '91 knife was going to be the last knife engraved by the factory(?).

Jack Bares
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Re: Remington Secret Service Kknives.

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Hello, Have searched my notes on your Secret Service Knives and here is my information...

Secret Service Shooting Award

This series was produced under contract with Remington Arms Company for the Secret Service. They were participation awards at their sanctioned pistol matches. Blades are etched with the Secret Service badge logo and inscribed with the year of issue. Quantity varied each year but the best estimate is an annual average of 215 to 300 with a much smaller number being done for the 1994 issue.
By all rights they should be valued in the $100 range and more for the "Shotgun" knife issue... but with todays depressed markets - who knows...
Secret Service 1989 Trapper Bullet – 1989 Award blade etch
Secret Service 1990 Tracker Bullet – 1990 Award blade etch
Secret Service 1991 Mini-Trapper Bullet – 1991 Award blade etch
Secret Service 870 Shotgun Knife – 1994 Award Blade etch - (Quite rare)
FBI 75th Anniversary Knife - RH-134 Sheath Knife with special blade etch – 200 issued

This information was gleaned from a conversation with a match participant in the late 90's and from Remington personel of the period of issue.
If someone is familiar with the whereabouts of Mr. Ed Rossi - who was the Cutlery head during most of these years... if the man is still with us... he may have further information. It is my past info that Ed left the Company in the mid 1990's and went into brokerage.
Jack Bares

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Remington Secret Service Kknives

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does anyone have a complete list of the stockboy secret goals? thats all I have left to do to earn stars, so that would be a big help.

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