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Reference: 1st Qtr 2009V3
RSA Classified Ads are “free” to RSA members… or $20 per classified for non-members.Send letter (or email) to RSA Journal Editor Roy Marcot 12655 E. Horsehead Road, Tucson, AZ 85749e-mail: Non-members should send check (made out to “RSA”).Classified ads will appear on-line on the RSA web site and it the next Remington society Journal.

For Sale: Reminton- Hepburn mid range target rifle. .38-40 Rem. Hep. Brass Schuetzen butt plate. 28 in. half round half octegon barrel. Perfect bore. Original mid – range tang sight, globe front. barrel sight. Case fading. Barrel bright blue. Flawless checkering on pistol grip and fore end. No nicks or dings on stock. 99% finish on stock. Barrel marked E. Remington and Sons , Ilion, N.Y. Ser.No. 3474. The rifle comes with a 3 die set, RCBS, 50 new brass and 49 fired brass. $ 3,800, Plus Shipping.

Remington-Hepburn sporting rifle, .40-1 7/8 Sharps straight. 26 inch half round half octagon barrel. 75% case 90% barrel blue, checkered grip, pewter foreend tip. bore perfect. Lyman No. 1 tang sight, beech front. No barrel sight. Wood as new with minor ding. Marked E. Remington and Sons Ilion N.Y. Serial No. 951. Includes 50 new cases and 50 fired cases. and a set of RCBS dies. $4,000, plus shipping.

Remington-Hepburn sporting rifle, .32-40, 30 inch full octegon barrel. Original mid-range tang sight. Windage adjustable spirit level front sight. barrel sight. Ebony wedge forearm tip. Barrel marked Remington Arms Co. Ilion N.Y. U.S.A.. Marked 32-40 M&B, 95% case 95% barrel blue. Bore perfect Wood like new no nicks or dings. Ser. no. 1-9972. $4,400 plus shipping.

Remington-Hepburn sporting rifle, .38-55 Win. with extra barrel with forearm in 33-40 cal. 28 inch half round half octogon barrel. Long range tang sight, blade front. open barrel sight. Rifle has 100% case and 98% barrel blue, checkered forearm with ebony wedge forearm tip. 33-40 barrel is 30 inches long half round and half octagon barrel with bridle ring in front of the octogon section. both fore ends checkered. Includes 33 cal. Henry mould. Both rifle and extra barrel were expertly restored and look as new. $4,200, Plus shipping.
Contact RSA member Joe Bellavance at (954) 524-3423 or Email: joeb45@ at

Wanted: Remington No.4 New Model Revolver in .41 rimfire. Any finish. Contact Tom Holman at 92 Spiller Road, Casco, ME 04015 or call (207) 627-4800

For Sale: Ingersoll Line throwing gun, projectile, cannister for the line, copy of U.S. Patent papers, and copy of sales flyer from 1886. Manufactured from a Remington New York State rifle for life-saving purposes. Very rare. $3,750 plus $150 shipping. Contact Dr. Harold Friedman, 7096 Pine Bluff Drive, Lake Worth, FL 33467 or call (561) 439-0539

Wanted: Remington catalogs for 1957, 1961 and 1965. Also want Remington Model 725 in caliber .222 or .244. Also want Model 722 in caliber .222 or .222 Magnum. Rifles must be clean and complete with open sights. Wayne Daley at (603) 926-1972.

For Sale: Replacement grips, buttplates and grip caps for your Remington shotguns and revolvers. Superior attention to detail. Restore your Remington with these reproductions while waiting to find originals. See our full page ad in this Journal. N.C. Ordnance. (252) 237-2440 or go to our website:

Wanted: Remington Model 4 rifles with deluxe features (nickel receiver, checkering, Swiss-style butt plate, engraving, etc.). Contact Stuart Fleck at (561) 775-0762

For Sale: Original, near-mint Remington M1871 Army Pistol one-piece wood grip. Sharp military cartouche. $250. Bill Harvey (252) 237-2440 (North Carolina) or Email {Tell em you saw it in the RSA Journal]

Wanted: Remington catalogs from 1957, 1961, 1965. Also want Remington Model 725 in caliber .222 or .244. Also want Remington Model 722 in caliber .222 or .222 Magnum. Rifles must be clean and complete with open sights. Contact Wayne Daley at (603) 926-1972 (New Hampshire).

For Sale: Remington rolling block rifle custom built by Michael Lewis, Walden, Colorado. Caliber .40-65RL, half-octagon 30″ Douglas, 1:18 twist barrel. Long range Vernier tang sight by Ron Long. Mike Lewis windgauge front sight. Gorgeous French walnut stock with exquisite checkering and beautiful colors. Excellent ++ condition. Rifle weighs 10¾ pounds. Rifle won two BPCR National Senior Championships. Photos on request. $3,200.00. Call Charlie (303) 429-6947 or Email:

For sale: Full color, 40-page brochure on Remington Kleanbore “Dog-Bone” 22 Boxes, by Bob Mancini and Richard Rains. Covers all known boxes from 1926 to WWII. Includes Silavdry, Palma, Lubricated, Hi-Speed, and Gallery ammo. A must-have for Remington 22 rifle collectors. Only $20 (includes postage) from Rich Rains, S. 4321 Bluff Road, Spokane, WA 99224

Wanted: Remington Model 31, Special Police [RX], 20 ga., 14.5″ barrel, pistol grip stock. Must be registered with the ATFE as an “Any Other Weapon.” Bill Larson Please E-mail: Or telephone (612) 751-3363

Wanted: A representative Remington Zig-Zag Derringer to complete my collection. Also wanted is a flare pistol marked “Parker” and believed to have been made while Remington owned Parker in the 1930s. Contact Tom Gross at (410) 465-4612 or

For Sale: Remington Model 1894 DEO Shotgun – 12ga – 30 inch. Barrels. $14,995. Call for details. RSA Member John Lee (513) 874-2274 (Ohio) or Email:


Wanted: Remington Double Barrel Shotguns: Models 1873 through 1900. Hammer or hammerless. Also want parts for same. By the way, I have a spring for Remington Model 1894 and Model 1900 shotguns for sale. Garland Jackson at (330) 669-2138 or email:

Wanted: Remington #1 rolling block original pistol-grip butt stock in nice condition. Contact Dick Binger Email: or phone (317) 878-5489

For Sale: Unique Remington rolling block pistol with 18″ round (5-groove) barrel and chambered for .38 long rimfire ammunition. For more information (including photographs) contact Jack Faulks at (239) 593-4365 [Florida]

Wanted: Leather Cartridge belt stamped with oval COLORADO stamp. Belt has loops for several .44-40 WCF cartridges. A matching Smeltzer holster will complete the rig. The male end of the belt was slightly shortened. Contact: Fritz Baehr at or phone (303) 443 – 2691 or (303) 204 -3125

Wanted: Remington Model 25 R in any caliber. Must be all original in 85% condition or better. Call Felo Guerra (Linn, TX) phone: (956) 330-5056 or email:

Wanted: Twenty round police magazine for a Remington Model 8 Semi-automatic rifle. Contact Doug Drummond (562) 598-5603 or e-mail:

Wanted: Original pistol grip buttstock for a Remington rolling block, Long Range or Mid-Range Rifle in nice condition. Also want Remington .45 – 2.4″ original brass shells. Dick Binger (317) 878-5489 or Email:

Wanted: Remington Model 8F Premier Grade Rifles, serial numbers 22242 or 22243. Will pay $7,500 for either of these rifles in excellent original condition. We also collect .22 dispensers and deluxe/engarved Model 8, 81, 14, 16, 24, and 241 rifles and ammo. Contact Tom at (405) 447-0727 or SM at (910) 425-5944,

For Sale: Remington two cavity .44 caliber hump-bottom mold for Remington Revolving Rifle.
Mold is for ball plus bullet. Description page 18 and 19 in “Molds for Remington Percussion Revolver and Revolving Rifles” by Drury F. Williford Jr.”. Mold has 98% Blue finish, tight as new, and 9.8 on a 1 to 10 scale. Seldom seen. Price $375.00 plus postage of $12ºº. Have a few RSA original membership certificates showing engraved New Model Army revolver, on extra quality buff color stock, with graphic art work design border. Members name can be added by you and dated. Signed by me as Charter president. Approx 10½” by 8″. Price $20ºº plus postage. Also have RSA original Life Member certificates on extra quality pale gray stock, with RSA spelled out in raised white letters. Life Member’s name can be added by you with date, and signed by me as Charter President. Also shows an engraved No.3 Beals Pocket Revolver, Approx 8″ by 10″. Price $20ºº plus postage. Fritz Baehr, 3125 Fremont Street, Boulder, CO 80304 or call (303) 443 – 2691

Wanted: Remington “HandyTubes” (aka: gallery tubes)… and anything that pertains to them, including advertising. Also, anything to do with Remington Models 12s, 16s and 24s. Also older Remington 22 items. Contact: Billy Smith – phone: (314) 550-2561 or Email:

Wanted: An original Remington Model 870 TC or TD shotgun in pristine condition, as well as an original Remington Model 31TC . Contact Richard Fleming, Wichita Falls, TX at:

For Sale: Original rear sight for the Remington Model 1897 military rifle. Excellent condition. $70, plus $5 postage. Contact Roy Marcot at (520) 906-0716 or Email

Wanted: Remington Model 660 in .223 caliber to complete a collection. Also, I buy, sell, trade Reming- ton Model 600s, Model 660s, and 600 Mohawks with associated paperwork and literature – Contact Jim Ciolli, Jr. at (412) 600-5636

Wanted: Original full or partially full box of .45 Webly centerfire ammo, in good condition with readable labels. Contact Stan Middleton at (619) 670-4200 or email

Gunsmith: We specialize in classic & antique firearms, 35+ years experience with Remington, Winchester, Colt, S&W, Sharps, etc. This is a father & son shop. Contact: David R. Chicoine, P. O. Box 635-RSA, Gastonia, NC 28052 (704) 853-0265, 9AM-4PM eastern. Please visit our web site:

Wanted: Clean and original Remington Model 31 Riot Shotgun. Need not be mint, but must be in known serial number range. Contact Jerry VanHorn, Setter Ridge Farm, Ash Flat, AR or call (870) 847-5771 or Email

Wanted: Original wood grips for the Remington-Elliot “Mississippi” single-shot derringer – in excellent condition only. Contact James McGaughran at (301) 682-6023 or write 6410 Mercantile Drive E, Unit 102, Frederick, MD 21703

Wanted: Remington Model 25 and Remington Model 14½ chambered in any standard caliber. Rifles must be all original and at least 90% condition. Would prefer to do business with fellow RSA members or established retailers only. Please contact Joe Johndreau at (605) 433-5453, 9:00-4:00 weekdays or

Wanted: 12 ga., 12 ga., 20 ga. and 28 ga. wood shipping crates for shotshells manufactured by UMC, Remington, Peters, Federal, Western and Winchester. I have duplicates for sale or trade. Contact Larry Mayer at PO Box 1021, Madison, FL 32341 or call (850) 973-2153

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