Annual NRA show – Indianapolis 2014

The RSA at the
143rd NRA Annual Meeting
at the
Convention Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
April 25th -27th 2014

The Remington Society’s presence at the 2014 NRA Meeting was successful in several areas, not the least of which were the efforts of a lot of good people — especially RSA Director Dan Pozarek who was asked to manage the RSA exhibit scarcely 5 weeks before the NRA Meeting
took place! Dan gives a big “thank you” to RSA VP George McAllister, who was a great help with his advice, suggestions, and encouragement to him in the weeks leading up to the event. As you will recall, George managed the RSA’s display at last year’s NRA in Houston, and won two awards there. Past NRA President Sandy Froman said that more than 75,000 NRA members attended this 3-day event!

Another big thank you goes to our other RSA VP, David Fagan, who had displayed several times at past NRA meetings and was very helpful with his suggestions, com- ments, and advice. David was
also one of the main volunteers that helped staff this year’s booth on all three days. RSA
Charter Member Chuck Doty gets a pat on the back and a hearty handshake for his sug-
gestions and his help by adding several very rare pistols to the display, and in staffing the booth
on all three days.

This year we had the largest number of volunteers to ever help staff the RSA booth.
They all worked at least one shift. Alphabetically listed, these are the men that staffed the RSA
booth: Chuck Doty, Jim Evans, David Fagan, Terry Hill, Garland Jackson, Jim Lasley and Scott
Oller. Dan gives a special thank you to his wife Lorna, and his daughter, Sudie who “had to put
up with my single mindedness for the five weeks prior to the NRA!”

Without the support from our families we could not do a lot of the things that we do for the RSA, and these two individuals were unwavering in their support of Dan’s
efforts, knowing of the impor- tance of having an RSA presence at the NRA Annual Meeting. Dan and all of his helpers are the reason for the success of the RSA at this meeting. These men and women deserve our thanks for a job well done.

The RSA display that Dan put together won the NRA award as the Best Educational Display, pre-1898! And Dan’s prototype brass Vest Pocket pistol won a coveted silver medal for one of the Ten Best Arms” at the show!

It is only one of two known. The other one came from the family of the inventor, Joseph Rider. Rider invented the parlor pistol, then invented this vest pocket. A little later he came up with the
split breech pocket pistols, and the split breech rifles. Rider further refine his breaching design into the rolling block. Therefore, this little pistol could be considered the grandfa- ther of millions of rolling block rifles and pistols.

Dan, you’ve done us proud!