6th Annual RSA Historical Seminar Jekyll Island Museum

RSA's Exhibit of Remington Firearms at Jekyll Island.

On August 15th four dozen
RSA members, spouses and guests met on a tiny, but
quaint island off the coast of Georgia to talk
REMINGTON. The warm summer breeze welcomed the happy
group to Jekyll Island – and none were disappointed.
This was the 6th Annual RSA Seminar, and was held here
in conjunction with RSA’s exhibit of Remington
firearms. The gala event was hosted by John Hunter,
Curator of the Jekyll Island Museum, but the entire
Jekyll Island Commission staff made us feel quite
welcome in the finest of Southern traditions!

The three day event included:

Seven historical lectures on Remington topics.

A tour of the “cottages” of the rich and famous who
vacationed here to escape frigid conditions of northern
winters in the latter decades of the 19th Century and
up through the 1930s.

An up-close examination of the 80+ Remington firearms
in the exhibit put on by the Remington Society and open
to the public from May through August 2000.

And a banquet in the evening of the closing day.

It was no surprise that
everything went so well because the event coordinators
were Jay and Hannelore Huber – RSA’s finest. The Hubers
have run every seminar since the first one was held in
Ilion, New York in 1993.

Historical talks during the seminar included those

Bob Creamer (The Classic Remington Model 8 Rifle)
Roy Marcot (The Life of Marcellus Hartley)
Jack Heath (Firearms Developments by Remington between
1913 and 1933)
Kevin McCormack (Bob Runge – Remington’s Premier Gun
Gene Myszkowski (Remington Model 740, 760, 7400 and
7600 High Power Rifles)
Lee Estabrook (The Development of the Remington No.6
Boy’s Rifle)
and Gordon Fosburg (Collecting Remington Paper –
Catalogs and Advertisements).

But the “event-of-events” turned out to be the wedding
of two long time RSA members: Garland Jackson and Susan
Young. They chose this seminar to tie the knot with 40+
RSA members looking on! How can we ever top this?