The Second Rem-Thoughts… RSA President Roy Marcot 2013

Dear RSA Members,

We are well into Spring, and Summer can’t
be far behind. Right around the time you are leafing
through this issue the Remington Society will
be putting on its display at the
NRA Annual Member’s Convention
in Houston, Texas. Each year
we have dedicated RSA members
step forward to put on a Remington
display for the 60,000+ NRA
attendees to enjoy! This year, RSA
Vice President George McAllister
and RSA member J.D. Hofer are
combining their collections into one
20-foot wide booth! They will display
martially-marked Remington
firearms from the Civil War (or as
George calls it, The War of Northern
Aggression!) and a display of Remington revolvers
converted from percussion to cartridge. They will be
assisted at the booth by family members, and by Dan
Pozarek, David Bichrest and Lee Estabrook. Make
sure you stop by and thank them for representing our
organization so well.

Soon after Houston is the Colorado Gun Collector’s
Show in Denver from May 17th to the 19th.
The Remington Society always has a booth here, and
it will be manned by yours truly and the Creamers,
We look forward to seeing you
in Houston and Denver this year.
Your help at the Remington Society table
will be greatly appreciated.
Bob, Sue, Corey and Brian.

  The C.G.C. A. show is one
of the three best gunshows in America, and not to
be missed. If you’ve never attended, then this is your
opportunity to travel to Denver to
enjoy it, and make sure you come by
the RSA booth to say hello.

We have been asked by many
members if we know the future
status the Remington Company.
The answer is… we just don’t have
any insight into this. Remington
sporting arms and ammunition
sales have been off the charts, but
the political climate is uncertain.
As Remington approaches its 200th
year – 2016 – we can only hope that
sportsmen and gun collectors will prevail.

We are always looking for articles from our
members, and welcome you to step forward. Do keep
in mind that the RSA Historical Archives exists to
benefit its members in the study and preparation of
Journal articles and full printed books on a variety of
Remington-related subjects. Let us know how we can
help you in your endeavors.

All my best,

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