18th Annual RSA Historical Seminar

                                Buffalo Bill Center of the West – Cody Wyoming

    REMINDER:  18th Annual RSA Historical Seminar
                       September 21 – 26, 2014

          As presented in the 1st Quarter 2014 issue of the Remington Collector’s Journal, the Remington Society of America (RSA) will be holding its 18th Annual Historical Seminar at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, WY from September 21st until the 26th.  The program begins on Monday morning, September 21 with an informal car caravan tour of Yellowstone National Park (about 50 miles west of Cody).  The seminar will formally start with the Reception Banquet at the Center on Tuesday evening, September 22.  Presentations and tours of the five museums plus the Research Library will start on Wednesday morning and continue until Friday noon.  A tour of two firearm manufacturing plants plus a tour of Cody for those choosing not to visit the plants will take place on Friday afternoon prior to the closing banquet on Friday evening (…which includes a feast on BBQ buffalo burgers). 

          It’s not too late to registerSeminar registration is $150 per person.  To register, send a check for the required amount made out to “RSA” and send it to:
                                  Chip Kloos, Seminar Coordinator

                                  2 Lexington Avenue
                                  Branchburg, NJ 08853
                                  Phone: 908-369-1260                                  
           Please submit your seminar registration prior to the 1st of September !  We’ve reserved a block of 30 rooms at the Holiday Inn in Cody (307-587-5555).  The cost is $149 per night (excluding taxes).  However, don’t delay your reservations, no matter where you choose to stay.  September is the busiest tourist month for Cody.  There is an airport in Cody serviced by Delta and United Airlines and several rental car companies located at the airport.   
           For those driving to the Seminar, consider bringing items for display or donation for our raffles and auction.  The displays have always provided a welcomed added interest to the seminar.  However, if you have firearms that you want to sell or trade, please conduct that business outside of the Center.  Sales within the Center will require a NICS check. 

          A typical morning or afternoon during the seminar will consist of one to two presentations as time permits, along with a tour of one of the five museums and library.  Tours are planned to last for 45-60 minutes each.  We will break up into six tour groups each morning and afternoon so that everyone will get a chance to tour all six venues.  While we are planning for up to 10 presentations, only five have been identified to date.  So, we are asking for additional speakers and presentations to complete our program.   Please don’t hesitate if your have an interesting and worthy topic to share.  Assistance in preparation is available.  Let Chip know so he can add you to the program agenda prior to September.
          In closing, this will likely be one of the best seminars the RSA has ever conducted.  Certainly, it will be one of the longest of present memory.  We look forward to seeing you there.
                                 Remington   Society   of   America