10th Annual RSA Historical Seminar The NRA Headquarters, Fairfax, Virginia

More than fifty-five RSA members, spouses and guests traveled to Fairfax, Virginia on July 28th to participate in the 10th Annual RSA Historical Seminar. This two-and-a-half day event took place at the National Rifle Association Headquarters, just a few miles outside of Washington, D.C.

The seminar featured talks by eleven speakers, each experts in their Remington collecting field:

  • Remington Rolling Block Buffalo Rifles – Buffalo Bangers on the Prairie by Roy Marcot

  • Remington Model 14 and Model 14 Rifles by Ken Blauch

  • Remingtons Colt Model 1911 Autoloading Pistols by Mike Strietbeck

  • Remington Model 700 Sendaro Rifles by John Lacy

  • Remington Type Writers by Richard Shepler

  • Remington Model 51 Autoloading Pistol – Serial Number 2 by Bob Hatfield

  • A brief introduction to the NRA National Firearms Museum by Phil Schreier
  • My Month in Iraq – Why we are winning the war by Phil Schreier

  • Treasures in the Smithsonian Gun Vault by Harry Hunter – retired Curator of the Smithsonians National Firearms Museum

  • Remington Trick Shooters by Gordon Fosburg

  • Remington M40 and M40A1 Sniper rifles by Doug Wicklund – Curator of the NRA

  • National Firearms Museum How Not To Conduct Research – The Saga of the Hawaiian Remington-Lees by Gene Myszkowski

  • Remington Sewing Machines by Rich Shepler
  • Remingtons First Precision 22 Target Rifle the Model 37 by Roy Marcot

    • The group was welcomed to the NRA facility by Sandy Froman, NRAs 1st Vice President, who is also a gun collector (Class III weapons) and by Whit Fentem, NRAs Director of Gun Collector Programs and the National Firearms Museum. The seminar attendees were treated to a welcoming reception at the NRA Headquarters on Wednesday night, followed by a sumptuous seafood dinner at the Crab House. Most of the day on Thursday and Friday was spent in the NRA auditorium listening to thirteen well-illustrated lectures.

      This was the largest number of talks ever at any of the past nine seminars, and each speaker was well received.

      On Thursday afternoon Phil Schreier, NRAs Manager of Gun Collecting Programs, conducted an in-depth tour of the National Firearms Museum. Now you need to recognize that this is a world-class gun museum, second to none. The arms and the way they are displayed should make every NRA member proud! The seminar wouldnt be half as much fun without Bob, Sue and Corey Creamers raffles, give-aways and auctions. Terrific Remington items were donated by RSA members and by the
      Remington Arms Company (thank you Al Russo), and every penny received went into RSAs Operating Fund. On Friday night the seminar attendees went to Mamas restaurant for a closing banquet and a live auction. All present agreed that this had been the best seminar ever! Oh, in case you didnt attend… youll have a chance to enjoy the next RSA seminar, tentatively scheduled to be held at the Springfield Armory Museum in Springfield, Massachusetts.

      The 11th Annual Seminar will be… in Ol RemShots words: a hum-dinger!