The Third Quarter 2015 RSA Journal

Third Quarter 2015
RSA Journal
From The Editor, Roy Marcot
In This Issue…

  • RemShots by Mike Strietbeck
    • New Model Army Revolver Grips
    • Unusual Remington Revolving Rifle
    • Remington Model 1871 Spanish Carbine
    • Remington “Sportsman” Shotgun
    • Remington Model 341 Rifle
  • The Remington Cup
    by William Hansen
  • Remington “Sun-Grain” Shotguns
    by Bradley Hulin
  • Four Elected to the Roll of Honor
  • Remington “Knives That Bite”
    by Rich Shepler
  • The Remington Bookshelf
    by Joe Poyer
  • Promotional and Bulk Packaged Remington .22 Cartridges
    by Richard Rains

Rem-Thoughts… RSA President Roy Marcot